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Apr 16, 2008 12:32 PM

Cupcakes for diabetics

I need a recipe for cupcakes a diabetic can eat. I really want to do a chili chocolate cake recipe but I doubt I'll be able to find a suitable recipe for it... Any ideas?

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  1. depending on the person with diabetes--what kind of diabetes they have and how they treat it, many can eat plain old regular cupcakes.


      This page has recipes that work with Splenda. The first few are fruity but down the page there are some cakier things.

      1. For me it isn't so much the cupcake that's the culprit, it's the icing that'll spike my blood sugar. I often end up scraping it off. For home made recipes I substitute half to all the sugar in the cake recipe for splenda depending what the cake is. Something like carrot cake I can get away with using all splenda. Something more delicate usually calls for a blend of splenda and sugar. Same goes for icing. Cream cheese is usually an all splenda thing, buttercreams are half and half or as little sugar as I can get away with. Lots of times, I don't bother with icing at all and do a very light sprinkle of confection sugar using a doily as a stencil instead.

        If you don't want to mess with subbing in splenda, I'd suggest getting a sugar free chocolate cake mix off the shelf at the store (I usually use one of the extra moist or fudgy varieties) and adding a good pinch of chili or red pepper powder to it. You might be able to find an appropriate sugar free icing too. I'm not proud, I take the short cut when I'm pinched for time or don't feel like struggling with the sugar content of a bakng recipe. Splenda tastes like sugar (sort of) but it doesn't act like sugar so you have to play with it when modifying recipes for diabetics.

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          Agree with Morwen that icing is the real problem. for my husband & son (both Type 1 diabetics) I try to make cakes without icing -- sort of a cross between a muffin & cupcake, such as carrot cake, lemon poppyseed, etc.

        2. agave is a low-glycemic sweetener that's perfect for diabetic-friendly desserts, and unlike splenda, it's not manufactured in a lab. it's also sweeter than sugar so you don't need to use as much.

          if you already have recipe for chili chocolate cake that you like, go ahead & make it with agave instead of sugar. since it's a liquid you'll have to cut back on the other liquids in the recipes, but it's really not as complicated as it sounds. in fact, i'd be happy to do it for you...just let me know.

          1. It might be worth asking the person what is okay and what's not. It's not just the sugar that's an issue but all carbs, including the flour in the cake. For some, adding nuts, etc. make it better because it slows the rise in blood sugar but that's not true for everyone. If flour is an issue, I'd consider doing a flourless chili chocolate torte/cake, with splenda, and nuts. But, for some diabetics, the saturated fat from the egg yolks can cause problems. For my father, I'd do something along this line, substituting splends for sugar but I'd add nuts.


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              wow - thanks for all the great advice. i'm going to experiment all day tomorrow. and report back once they're tasted by the birthday girl!