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Apr 16, 2008 12:30 PM

Susur Tasting Menu


I am going to be back in Toronto this weekend, and I want to catch a meal at Susur before it changes/closes. That being said, I'm not terribly flush with cash right now. Does anyone know (approximately) how much the five and seven course tasting menus are?

Thanks for the help.
(I tried doing a few searched for this, but couldn't find much)

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  1. I vaguely remember once, where dinner for 2 (Tasting menus were $125) cost $400 with a couple of glasses of wine and some port.

    1. I heard the place was booked solid untl his departure to New York

      1. I went about a month ago, and did the 7 course tasting menu ($120pp I believe). 3 people and a bottle of wine + tax + tip was just over $500.

        1. My coworker went yesterday and she had the seasonal tasting menu for this week(there was only one option, there used to be a 5 or 7 course option) without wine and it was $180/person.

          Susur's tasting menu for May is somewhat of a greatest hits. 6 courses for $140...

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            The seasonal tasting menu will be finished by this Friday as I was told when I called to make reservation. There is not much time slot left when I called a few weeks ago.

          2. I went two weekends ago and a dinner for 2 came in just under $400...(6 course tasting menus were $120 each). The total includes a bottle of wine, tax and tip.