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Apr 16, 2008 11:59 AM

Needed: Wonderful Business Dinner Place

We are taking 15 people out for a team dinner (not stuffy since this is a movie studio).... on a Monday night... we want great drinks, great food, FUN -- maybe Los Feliz, Silverlake or Hollywood? I used to love BLAIR's but i heard it's terrible now! :-( And I thought Vermont looked fun but the reviews on here suck.... Any ideas? Sonora Cafe? or is that out of date at this point? Hollywood is fine too... Think trendy, hip, fun and great food! Upscale but not TOO costly (think $75 a person for dinner max)....
Thanks chowhounders!

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  1. Perhaps outside on the patio at the Foundry on Melrose.

    Foundry On Melrose
    7465 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046

    1. So old and classic that it is trendy again -- Musso and Frank's. Real martinis, very good food if you order correctly.

      1. For a large group like that, I would take them to Dakota in the Roosevelt. I don't LOVE the food but it's a great space and it's trendy, hip and fun.

        1. not sure if they do large grps. but hungry cat has recently expanded and has pretty decent food.

          1. I live in Los Feliz, and think Blair's is still very good. (I was there yesterday) And I like Vermont a lot too (there last week). Last time I was at Sonora Cafe (month ago?) it was dead. But Little Dom's in Los Feliz seems to be doing a lot of business. It's a charming space, good if not spectacular food, and quite the scene these days.

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              hey guys, what do you think of MAGNOLIA? I heard it's wonderful food and great ambience, great wines... cool locale..... any thoughts?

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                I tried Magnolia not too long ago. It was a massive disapointment. The food was boring or bad, poorly executed, service was way off. I also noticed that the tables on both sides of me were sending their food back.

                1. re: rednyellow

                  My experience with Magnolia wasn't epically bad but middling at best. The food was just OK and service was bad to poor. The space is amazing but I will not be going back again.

                2. re: joebizz

                  i head to magnolia when i'm going to a film at the arlight, and don't want to go to the hungry cat. i've found the food and the service ok...but nothing more than that.