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Apr 16, 2008 11:46 AM

Looking for (dim) sum ideas?

My cousin has been back from China for about three weeks and is coming to visit me in Chicago, Lincoln Park to be exact. When conversing about the cuisine overseas she had talked about her new found love for Dim Sum. I was wondering if there are any traditional Dim Sum spots around the city?... those where carts of Dim Sum are pushed around as the competitive eater comes out in diners as they grab and bite for their favorites before they are snatched up. Okay, so the feel the atmosphere may not be as traditional, so just looking for some good Dim Sum. Thanks a million.

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  1. For carts, try Phoenix or 3 Happiness (the one that is upstairs on corner across from the parking lot).
    Shui Wah is good, but no carts, just menu's, so you will need to know what you want by name.
    If she had dim sum in Hong Kong then she may not be overly wowed by Chicago's. SF, NYC and LA are much better (IMHO).

    1. I would also like to find some good dim sum places that ARENT in the Chinatown area, preferably north Chicago or the North/Northwest suburbs. Any ideas?

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        I forget the name, but the Chinese Rest. @ Higgins and Arlington Hts Rd in Schaumburg used to serve dim sum.... give them a call if someone here can provide the name.
        On the northside of Chicago, Argyle St and Broadway has dim sum (I know at least on the weekends) at restaurant on Broadway, west side of street, 1 block south of Argyle (I am good with directions and p*ss poor with names of restuarants). If you don't care about any atmosphere at all, on Argyle St (south side of the street), near the el tracks, there is a bakery that has dim sum. They have a few tables. You order coffee or tea and a small selection of dim sum. They have sui mai, har gow, bean curd rolls, char sui bao, chicken feet, spare ribs, taro and daikon cakes, shrimp, bbq pork, or beef chang fun, and of course a bunch of bakery goods. I may have forgotten some items. Big portions and cheap ... a nice combination.

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          The one on Broadway is Furama and they do advertise dim sum:

          4936 N. Broadway

          I haven't been so I couldn't vouch for quality.

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            that's the one... same name/restaurant as the one on south wentworth (south of Chinatown @ around 29th st or so). dim sum is pretty good, although all of the places fluctuate now and then ... I think the chefs move around.

      2. In my humble dimsum experience, (and I don't claim to have eaten at many of the great dimsum places) Shui Wah came the closest to what I ate when I was in China. I used to be one of those people who thought dimsum was inextricably linked to the cart experience, but it's amazing how quickly you can divorce yourself from the cart idea when you have dimsum that comes out piping hot straight to your table instead of making rounds and rounds in a restaurant. Again, I haven't experienced Phoenix's cart dimsum, so that might change my mind.

        1. There is Jockey Wok 'n' Roll, tucked into Hoffman Plaza on Roselle Road, just north of Higgins in Schaumburg. They have cart service on the weekends. Not nearly as good as Shui Wah or Phoenix in Chinatown, nor Furama in the Argyle neighborhood, but if you're in the NW suburbs, it's as good as it gets.

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            whoops, I think the one in Schaumburg I mentioned in my post is Jockey... sorry for the wrong address.

          2. Just visit China town and you'll find tons!