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Apr 16, 2008 11:46 AM

anyone been to the red rooster in winsted ct.

i heard of a place in winsted ct. called the red rooster, dont no any thing about it . if its a bar or restraunt.any information will be great, thanx

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    1. re: brookerme

      i made the ride yesterday to the red rooster,well i guess brookerme never went there. its a cool lil biker bar, just starting out, menu was small nothing fancey biker food,

    2. Ok what can i say about the RED Rooster in Winsted CT. New owners Bob and Bob are awsome. My husband and I started to go there sometime in June of this year. It is a small bar, very nice and clean except for the peanut shells on the floor lol. The bartenders are all very very nice especially the one that works on Saturday night. Come down and say hi to Kit Kat. you wont regret it. every Saturday they have food for under a dollor, from turkey clubs meatball grinders, ribeye steak sandwiches, hot dogs hamburgs and get this sometime they have stuffed shrimp under a buck. Pretty awsome if you ask me. They also have bands on most friday nights its a great time. Well I guess you will have to just have to come on down and see for yourself. Frenchie PS forgot to mention Football Night on Mondays with food and lots of fun