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Apr 16, 2008 11:44 AM

Thank you for Dim Sum Go Go

A few weeks back I asked you for help finding a good dim sum place in Chinatown. That time we chose Jing Fong because the nephew and wife wanted rolling carts. This time, for a birthday lunch, we went to Dim Sum Go Go. I now understand the conflicting opinions about which is better. They are so different that it's hard to compare. Jing Fong's selection on rolling carts is broader and perhaps more 'authentic' in their offerings. Dim Sum Go Go is more familiar in an uptown way, but has the advantage of being freshly prepared for each order and served piping hot. I'm glad I've been to both, and each one was exactly right for the two different lunches. That may be the answer - who's going, and what's right for them. Dim Sum Go Go is definitely way more expensive, but still well within what we were willing to spend. Anyway, I wanted to thank all of the CH posters who helped out and gave me two wonderful places to add to my "love this one" list.

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  1. Thank you for reporting back. I'm glad that you enjoyed both lunches. I do love that Go Go makes it to order. I hate lukewarm dim sum.

    Dim sum does remain to be a pretty controversial topic here. But you're definitely correct about taking into account who's going and what will be right for them. If you're a newbie to dim sum and want the cart experience, Dim Sum Go Go will not be for you. But if you've had experience with it before and want to branch out, I think Go Go is the best choice in Manhattan so far.

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    1. re: Miss Needle

      It has the advantage in my life of being right on the #15 bus route too - ;-)

    2. Hi Jane,

      Glad to hear you enjoyed DSGG. It is great so hear someone being open-minded to different dim sum experiences and can appreciate different approaches.

      Let me throw out a 3rd place for you to try:
      Chatham Square Restaurant (6 Chatham Square, not the hole-in-the-wall on 9 Chatham sq.)

      this place has both carts and order sheets, and they have been quite consistent in quality. Give it a try if you have time and see if you like it! :)

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      1. re: kobetobiko

        Thanks kobetobiko - I've put it on my 'must try' list. Probably next month after a couple of trips out of town.
        And bearmi, I understand what you mean about not all of the steamed dumplings being distinctive. We tried the duck dumplings and couldn't figure out the taste. Certainly not ducky!
        mrnyc - I'll try the pork buns and turnip cake next time.

        1. re: kobetobiko

          I've been to Chatham only once so far and enjoyed my meal. Do you recommend particular dim sum items there over others, and if so, which ones? Also, any larger plates worth the stomach space? (Perhaps I could meet there with a friend or two.)

        2. thx for the timely report.

          we just went back last weekend to DSaGG after a long break and i can chime in that it's as great as ever. easilly the best dim sum dumpling options around. the steamed porkbun and the turnip cake were even better than the dumplings, if that is possible.

          1. Glad to hear that you like it. I think folks here either love Dim Sum Go Go or hate it. I personally think it's great to have a place in Manhattan that serves dim sum cook-to-order. For me, as a Chinese person, I think Dim Sum Go Go's food is still relative authentic. The only thing is that sometimes their dumplings taste very much alike so the variety in flavor/taste if a little limited. Otherwise, I would pick Dim Sum Go Go over other places in Manhattan Chinatown.