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Midland/Odessa places to eat

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I'm relatively new to the area and would like to know good places to go both for workday lunches and for nights out. If you have any info, please share!

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  1. Well im a little partial to Harrigans just because I work there. But I would usually go once a week before I started working there. The steaks are awsome, I've never had the prime rib but customers tell me its the best in west texas. They also have a nice lunch specials menu. Of course theres the major chain places like chilis, logans and texas roadhouse.

    1. Wall Street has pretty decent steaks and seafood. I absolutely love The Garlic Press!

        1. Was in Midland a couple of months ago and I saw that they had a Clear Springs Cafe. I grew up near the original location (between New Braunfels and Seguin) and I gotta say this would be a great place for lunch. Good old fashioned fried shrimp or catfish. (This is one of the few places I order fried shrimp from). Their other offerings are solid choices. But the true highlight is the great Onion rings !!! If you have not tried these yet, please do so.

          1. A small homey Mexican place call Delicias on 8th St. was really good. Rosa's Cafe is good for cheap tex-mex.

            1. We just drove through Midland on a round trip. We had dinner one night at La Bodega. We both had chile rellenos, one chicken, one beef. They were good, but the red sauce included raisins and pecans?? Not sure if this is a local variant. It was really good, but odd. Had lunch at Rosa's cafe, which seemed no different than a Taco Bueno, except for the cold beer. Wall Street was closed, so we'll try it next time.

              1. I have not lived in Midland in over 11 years now but always enjoyed the Wall Street Bar and Grill. It was absolutely my most favorite place in Midland.

                If they are still around Jorges had good Tex Mex. Use to love their salsa. Ajuua's was similar but not quite as good IMO. If I remember correctly it is owned by family who are related to the people who own Jorges, but I'm not real sure of that.

                Also if still around The Bar had fairly good food for lunches or for casual after work. Also Sat. morn brunches.

                For BBQ my favorite was KD's.

                EDIT - Sorry did not see how old the original post was before I replied. Still I hope this is helpful for anyone who is new to Midland. Someday I need to get back there just to visit old hangouts.

                1. I will, and do, drive miles out of my way to go to La Bodega for one of their bodacious chiles rellenos.

                  They're just like the ones I've had in Mexico, stuffed with "picadillo" - a sort of beef hash made with ground or shredded beef, onions, sometimes potatoes, nuts and raisins, etc.

                  The very best chile relleno I've had outside of Mexico. Amazing.

                  1. Because of the oil/construction activity in this area (lack of available hotel rooms), I had to stay in Big Spring (about 35 miles north on I-20). Hog Heaven BBQ on exit 174 had some excellent brisket (tasty, moist & tender). They also had a jalapeno stuffed w/ cream cheese, wrapped w/ bacon and smoked (very good). Pecan cobbler also deserves a try. The owner's and manager were so friendly, they made a carpetbagger like me...lol...want to go back. If you are in the area or just passing through, you really must try this place!
                    Additionally, Cowboys in Big Spring (exit 177) had some great chicken fried steak...will be going back there also.