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Apr 16, 2008 11:22 AM

Red Robin Burgers

If you had to choose one burger from Red Robin, what would be your choice?

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  1. The Royal Red Robin burger. Classic bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg added. And I wouldn't be sad about it, either.

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      I like the garlic mushroom and swiss too but the OP said to choose one.

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        I third this. I always order the Royal Red Robin when we go there. I've tried a few others but nothing beats this.

      2. The Bleu Ribbon burger with the onions on the side.

        1. Whiskey river burger and the Banzi burger are my two favorites.
          For an up charge of .49 cents you can add their garlic fries.

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            I used to get the Whiskey River Burger, but I wasn't particularly fond of the sauce. So now I get the Stampede Burger (chipotle mayo instead of BBQ sauce). The Stampede burger was off their menu for awhile, so I had to order an altered Whiskey River. apparently I wasn't the only one, though; it's not back on their menu!

            Really, it's all about the crispy onions for me!

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              I was just there. They changed the menu at ours recently, and they vary by locale more than you might think. (The menu on the web site appears to be correct if you plug in your own location.) Probably not more than a few months at any given time have gone by without us visiting since it opened a couple years ago, and I don't think we've ever had the Stampede burger. (We try to make the visits a few months between rather than a few days. ;-)

              We have the Jamaican Jerk Chicken burger now. Tried that, not bad, has a nice kick.

              If I had to pick one, though, I'd go with the Royal as well. Bacon, cheese, fried egg, crazy but good. Shake a bit of the Red Robin seasoning on it if you like.

              I tried the garlic fries exactly once and would not get them again. On our menu they are standard with certain burger choices, but I would make sure to get regular fries.

          2. Santa Fe Burger minus the crispy tortilla strips. I also love the Garlic Fries. They had a New Orleans (cannot remember the real name) special one (never made the menu - it was on a table tent) about a year ago that I really liked but it is gone now. It isn't the Blackened Bayou one on the menu currently.

            1. This is weird. Out of all of the responses I don't see one burger mentioned, other than the one I added, that is available here in Houston. And no garlic fries either!

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                I think their menu is really varied from state to state. My first experience with RR was in Pennsylvania when I was visiting my mother in the hospital. They had Fried Zucchini Planks in a Tempura Batter that were really good. The texture was nice and they weren't too mushy I believe due to the way they were cut. They don't serve them in our local RR which is frustrating!