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Apr 16, 2008 11:16 AM

Bar/Casual Dining in Waltham or Medford Area

I'm meeting 2 friends for drinks and appetizers tonight in the Waltham area. I am not at all familiar with the area so am hoping for recommendations.

We're looking for a casual bar-type place - TVs are a must, for the Sox-Yankees game. "Safe" food is also needed - American bar food probably. Parking is also important, as is easy accessibility to the highways.

Joe Sent Me sounds like an option - is it acceptable food-wise? Apparently it just got a PG rec - which makes me nervous. Is it too

Tempo looks nice but too pricey ($18 for a glass of pinot grigio??) and probably too upscale. Do they have a TV at the bar?

We are also open to other neighborhoods "centrally located" - we're coming from Concord, Natick and Boston, and will be heading home to Lowell, Lynn and Medford respectively. Maybe Arlington would work?

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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  1. The Moody Street area has a bunch of restaurants and there is parking, mostly in parking lots on the streets behind Moody (there are signs pointing you in the right direction) Personally, I like Bison County for the bison burger and sweet potatoe fries and there is a bar area and they will have the game on and I think they have a pretty big beer list (I am more of the fruity drink girl myself) There is also a brewery on the street and another bbq place nearby. I have been to Tempo and it is great, but not the best place for some food and sox watching. There are also a few mexican places on the street. You shouldn't have any problems finding a place on Moody St. I have driven past Joe Sent Me but have never been.

    Have fun!

    1. We are also considering the Medford area - if anyone has suggestions there, that would be great too!

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        Medford doesn't really have bars. I don't think you'll find anything to suit your needs. I think its the same deal in Arlington, too. I think Waltham is your best bet. There's a lot going on on Moody St. Maybe Watch City Brewing Co.? Don't know what the food's like. I would assume they would have the game on, but better doublecheck.

        Watertown might be a choice, too, but not realy familiar with options there.

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          I have had some great Italian food and pizzas at Raso's on Mystic Ave. in Medford. They have a full sit-down bar w/ plasmas and it is a pretty casual environment.

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          The closest thing I could recommend is Hugh O'Neill's on pleasant street in Malden. Lots of TVs, and the food is standard irish pub style, but not bad.

        3. Arlington does have a couple of bars (which require food), but not great for watching the game -- North Cambridge would be a better bet (Spirit). There is also the bar at Summer Shack which used to be pretty good and is convenient to most of those destinations, except a reverse in directions for the Concord/Lowell commuter.

          Depending on how fancy you want your drinks, Sadies in Waltham always has the game on (its not wall to wall big screens, though and yellow-tail style wine options) and good steak-tip/burger type food. Watch City Brewery is pretty bad for food and not that great for beer, but is an option for the game. Other Moody St locations for mixed drinks or slightly fancier local options (its pretty easy to meet one place, then walk moody until you are happy)

          Burlington requires you to have food with drinks (and you can't stand in the bar), but does have a few more bars, none of them great. On the Border in Woburn (better) or Ixtapa in Lexington are ok beer/margaritas and should have the game. (Paisano in Waltham is probably the best of the latino options for this kind of thing, but its a bit out of your way.)

          Watertown has some decent options as does Malden, but both out of the loop for a couple of your commuters.

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            iguana cafe, moody street, might work. pretty sure there are tvs at the bar

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              Just don't order any food there. Worst interpretation of Mexican I've come across.

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                I second that one....the food there is terrible.

          2. Rudy's in Teale Sq. in Somerville near Tufts ok for a margarita, chips and a ballgame. 2d Bison County in Waltham along with John Brewer's