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Recs needed for 8+ people, including Grandma

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We're staying in Santa Monica (SM Blvd/26th) and are looking for a place that would suit all of us. I dont want to go to 3rd Street Promenade, and I'd like to stay within about a 15 min drive. I'd like to stay below $25 or so per person. No sushi or Japanese. We have 1 vegitarian, 1 grandma who is not terribly adventurous but will deal with whatever, and I really hate seafood.

Any suggestions? I looked at the Library, but they dont take reservations. Anything similar? Pref. not a chain.

I tried to do a search on the board but wasn't terribly successful.

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  1. does your $25 number include tax, tip, and beverages or is that for entree only?
    how about valet fees? would you be adverse to paying additional money for parking?

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      $25 for food only; there are only a few drinkers in the group. Parking fees not included.

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        i'd drive south to 26 beach.
        26 Beach Restaurant 3100 Washington Blvd. (just west of Lincoln), Venice • 310-823-7526


    2. Is Joe's within the OP's budget?

      8+ is a bit much for 3 square, but it may be OK.

      Will you go NEAR the 3rd street?

      1. Maybe the communal table at Nook? 3 Square also has a communal table.

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          There's also the patio at Wilshire. It's close to your budget limit but could work if everyone orders carefully.

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            have you ever taken out a party of 8 people and told the group to 'order carefully?'
            i've never seen that work well.
            imho it's far better to select a restaurant that comes in at the desired price point.

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              I concur. You don't take people out for a meal and then set a limit on thier ordering. It's not right.

        2. i have never been there so if somebody wants to chime in feel free, but Bistro of Santa Monica seems to be in your area and price range.

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            Perfect location for OP, but the food is not good.

          2. Did you mean Library Ale House? Definitely would be too loud for Grandma!

            1. Maybe Violet? Small plates place located in West L.A., not too far from where you're staying. Not sure if they could do a large party, call and ask. (BTW, Joe's is too expensive for your budget, as Diana wondered.)

              1. Joe's and Wilshire and both definitely out of that price range. 26 Beach is a good suggestion. Il Moro for Italian? Upstairs 2 for small plates? Maybe one of the Persian places in Westwood (I don't know them well enough to say which is best).

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                  il moro will not normally come in at $25/pp for food.

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                    the persian food idea is a good one.
                    since there will be a vegetarian in the party, the best persian choice, imho would be shamshiri grill because:
                    1) they have a huge portion of their menu devoted to vegetarian food
                    2) their dolmas are made with a delicious lentil stuffing which is a good vegetarian source of protein

                  2. Sounds like Bizou Garden Bistro would work for you. It's only a couple blocks from you.


                    Fritto Misto is good for what it is, if you like pasta.


                    Fritto Misto
                    601 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401

                    Bizou Garden Bistro
                    2450 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404