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Apr 16, 2008 10:47 AM

Sizzle India, Schaumburg

Does anyone know if they have a buffet? Thanks!

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  1. They do, but I do not recommend it. My experiences (a couple, but all more than a year ago) was that the food and service are quite bad. My preference is for Gaylord near Woodfield Mall, but any of the other local spots - including India House or Udupi Palace would be better bets.

    1. Go to India House in Schaumburg for the best buffet and Indian food you will ever have!!! They have different items each time and even going there regularly for a year I continue to see new items that are fresh and delicious!! I cannot say enough good things about this place!

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      1. re: etoiles

        This restaurant is heading in the same direction as the previous two owners. Start out with knock your socks off food, then get cheap. Some people just don't learn.

        They use dehydrated okra in the bindi fry instead of fresh okra. To my dismay, it appears they even deep fry the cashews for this dish which almost breaks your teeth.

        The mutter paneer is most sauce and cheese with hardly any peas.

        They have used frozen vegetables right out of the bag and just add a little seasoning.

        Stopped or rarely have Mango ice cream.

        No more steamed broccoli...

        And recently, had a huge tray fried chicken like a fast food joint - not Indian style chicken. Never saw a single person touch it. This is getting bad when you do this...

        If I seem harsh, that is because I don't want to see this place go out of business again. The other owners thought they could get away with cutting out fresh vegetables and increasing the starches. Well, it doesn't work. People will just stop showing up and then the building will look for owner number four.

        The tray of food are often empty. You have to ask them to fill them up! Don't they know they are suppose to check the trays! They were unaware that the bread (nan) was gone..


        1. re: erol1957

          Last time I drove by it looked like this place was out of business