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Apr 16, 2008 10:14 AM

Thai Spice in Poughkeepsie

I was driving on Raymond Avenue today and I noticed a sign up right next to Sushi Village. Apparently, there's a new Thai restaurant called Thai Spice opening there. It still looks like that the interior is being renovated. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks!

Thai Spice
28 Raymond Avenue

I did call the number, but there was no answer.

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  1. i spoke with the owner about a week and a half ago; he said he hoped they'd open in a few weeks, and i got a couple menus. normal thai stuff, no positive or negative hope based on it.

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      Thai Spice opened yesterday; I went in for dinner today. Decor was great, service was attentive and the food was excellent. No liquor license yet, but BYOB in the meantime. Highly recommended.

      1. re: malcolmfs

        That's great news! I'm definitely going to check it out sometime this week...thanks!

        1. re: applesauce23

          went today...on places that aren't higher-end or the best in the known universe (ie. srirpaphai), i go for simple wife likes pad thai, i usually try pad siew or pad khi mao.

          anyhow, we got the chicken pad thai and chicken pad siew lunch specials, with the salad which comes included, for 6.95.

          the salad had a nice mild peanut flavor to it, and worked well together.

          my pad siew had flavor, the noodles were cooked properly (not stuck together), broccoli tasted good and fresh, chicken was nice. my wife liked her pad thai.

          comparisons? much better than the thai place in hyde park or new paltz. haven't tried the one in rhinebeck. i actually preferred the pad siew as compared to sukhothai in beacon.

          will be going back soon and trying some massaman and pad khi mao, and see how they do when asked for traditional thai spicy...but i'm glad that there's a promising thai place that's relatively close!

    2. I went there on Sunday and got Phad Thai. Not quite as spicy as I would like, but I think that can be adjusted. The service was excellent, and the decor lovely for a take-out joint. The area's first Thai place does not disappoint.

      1. just saw that they have a website, it's at

        1. no liquor license yet other wise excellent

          1. i've now tried several things there. the only complaint i have is that they don't do "thai spicy" even remotely correct; on one dish, it tasted normal (ie. no spice) and another time, it barely had any kick at all. both times the receipt indicated the spiciness correctly, and the first one (no spice) they asked me to verify.

            other than that, the dishes - a massaman, pad thai, pad siew, pad khi mao, spring rolls, satay and salad. all are very nicely done, not greasy, cooked properly, good flavors, etc. NOT queens (nyc) quality, but good stuff anyhow. the lunch menu is an especially good deal: 6.95 or 7.95 for the dishes WITH a salad. the lunch dishes are either the same size or very little smaller (to go) than their dinner ones. i suspect on the plate, there would be more for the dinner ones.

            also, some of their appetizers aren't available yet; apparently, they're waiting for some of the ingredients to be imported.

            but i'm a happy camper now.

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            1. re: bob gaj

              bob gaj,

              any idea how Thai Spice is compared to Sukhothai in Beacon?? I thought Sukhothai was a bit more authentic than the Thai place in Hyde Park and offers more selections, though still not remotely close to what one would usually see in NYC Thai places.

              I will be the happiest when Dutchess Co. has a good Chinese restaurant...

              1. re: moosesocks

                i've only tried sukhothai once. it's worlds better than hyde park, but i think at a minimum, the poughkeepsie place compares favorably with sukhothai. i prefer poughkeepsie (thai spice) to beacon.

                if you're looking for some more authentic chinese foods, there's a place in new hackensack plaza, on route 376, which has a bunch of chinese spices and frozen foods. however, they also get a small amount of 'fresh' stuff that day from edison, nj, i think? and when i picked up some wide noodles (coincidentally, to make my own pad siew) the owner told me that they got the "good ones" fresh on most saturday mornings, i think?

                i think it's called "welcome oriental grocery", in wappingers.

                1. re: bob gaj

                  I tried Welcome Oriental Grocery on route 376 in New Hackensack Plaza. They also sell some prepared dishes such as Pad Thai, Tom Yong Goom soup and others. It is worth trying. The food is freshly made and tastes as good or better than the Thai restaurants. It's not a sit down meal like at the restaurant, but it is not expensive and make great take-out.

              2. re: bob gaj

                Tried Thai Spice after reading your reviews. Loved the pad thai, but I must say that the massaman and prig khing do not compare to Hyde Park. We did not feel that it compared to authentic Thai food. Spice was lacking - we asked for hot they kept saying medium until we gave in. There was no basil in any of the dishes which made the prig khing interesting. We had the summer rolls which were fresh but would have been very good if there was thai basil in them. The crispy squid does not compare to the Hyde Park Spicy Squid. The massaman was loaded with cinnamon and not even remotely close to any I've had elsewhere. Oh, well. Maybe we'll try again in a month. Being raised on Brooklyn/Queens Thai food, I was disappointed.