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Apr 16, 2008 09:49 AM

[DFW] Ladies Who Lunch

I am a definate lady who loves to lunch during the week with girlfriends. I am looking for some new places to try around the Dallas area preferably not south of Uptown and no further north than George Bush. Things I am looking for:

1) I love the 3 Ms. Must have a good Mimosa, Martini, or Mojito.

2) lunchy foods. Nothing that is going to make me want to crawl back in bed afterwards

3) Good service is a must

4) a good patio is nice but certainly optional

Thanks for your help!

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  1. My vote is Taverna off of Knox. They have mimosas and bellini's. You can have a good salad at lunch rather than pasta. Patio is nice. Toulouse is good as well but not sure they have one of the 3 M's above.

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    1. re: pizzaQTpie

      Thanks for the suggestion. I will definately give it a try! Toulouse is wonderful! I like to sit and watch the people jog by on the Katy trail.

      1. re: Tbird1980

        Tried Taverna on Knox. Really wanted to like it but I don't think it is for me. Maybe it was our close talking server that ruined it for me. :) I didn't like either of the two choices of salad dressing. They were both vinigarettes but very tart. Tried to get a pasta with a light sauce since the salad was disappointing. Server suggested regular old bolognase so I tried. Very heavy and greasy. Of course that made it delicious but not what I had asked for. Might try again. Can't decide if it was just my dumb waiter or the menu that wasn't appealing to me.

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          If you return to Tavena my recommendation is the Fiocchi al Gorgonzola e Pera. It is a pasta with gorganzola, pear and walnuts in a cream sauce. It is not low fat and sounds a little strange, but it is heavenly. A calorie splurge worthy dish. I have had other items there and always been pleased, however none compare to the Fiocchi.

    2. Cafe Pacific in HP Village. It's the ultimate Dallas Lunching Ladies Place. Quite a scene. I can vouch for the Martini's as I had one Fri. Night. Nice light lunch options. You will feel at home with many others of your ilk from the dallas social scene.

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      1. re: J.R.

        Love Cafe Pacific and Patrizios. Lots of good choices in HP Village. Been lunching there awhile and looking for something new. Thanks for the recs though. I wish I could have listed all my favorites but there are so many around town!

      2. La Duni on McKinney. Great Mojitos and a variety of lunch options.

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        1. re: dalaimama

          Yes, La Duni makes my favorite Mojito. I feel sorry for everyone else that makes me one b/c none can compare! Great Sunday brunch too.

          1. re: Tbird1980

            La Duni should definitely be on the lunching/brunching list.

            How about Central 214? Excellent food. Great bar. Huge outdoor seating area.

            1. re: Epicurious Esquire

              Now that is one I haven't tried but am curious about. What do you rec?

              1. re: Tbird1980

                Not sure I understand? Do you mean what do I recommend food-wise at Central 214? If that is the question, I can't give an answer as the menu changes and I haven't eaten there for 6 months or so.

                Even though I haven't returned, it is an excellent restaurant. Not the best in Dallas, but far better than good enough.

                I do believe the Crab Cakes are a staple and they are AWESOME! No filler, just crab. D-Lish!

                1. re: Epicurious Esquire

                  Yes, that is what i meant. Sounds good to me. I am going to add it to my list of places to try. I love a good crab cake as much as the next girl!

                  1. re: Epicurious Esquire

                    Finally tried Central 214 yesterday and thought it was great! Loved the soup of the day which was a Potato Leek soup. Grilled chicken wrap was delightful with the yummy olives they put in it. Then the Inside-out Keylime pie was wonderful. To top it off they knew what a Poinsettia was when I ordered drinks. Went to la Duni again and learned that the patio there is dog friendly. Had so much fun with my little dog in the seat next to me. I will definately dine there again. Next I will try Taverna on knox. Yum!

          2. What about travis ave beverage company. Nice big beautiful patio and good food.

            Popolos is also a good lunch place.

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            1. re: simply_victoria

              Thanks for the recs. Will try Popolos. Pass it all the time but have never stopped. TABC seems a little barish for my taste as I remember it but that was long time ago. Has it changed??

            2. The original comment has been removed