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Apr 16, 2008 09:45 AM

Pickled Oysters

I'm not sure this is actually a craving, since I've never tasted them, but I was just reading some NYC culinary history and all the talk about pickled oysters made me curious (apparently they were ubiquitous around here until the mid-19th century and then went out of fashion). Anyone know where I can get some in NYC?

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  1. while technically pickled, you can get oyster kimchi from a korean market (h-mart, say) and it's delicious. raw oysters, heavily spiced in sauce w/ chili peppers and veg, very good. also served in many korean restaurants as banchan, but that would make it hard to order or find consistently.

    1. You may be able to get them jarred in a Filipino market too. But I'm trying to find a restaurant in NY that sells them. I'm kind of disappointed that its not on the menu at the Oyster Bar at Grand Central, which I was hoping it should be there.