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Apr 16, 2008 09:37 AM

Chowhound worthy stops on 401 (Toronto to Montreal)

Just wanted to see out there if there are any good stops on the drive between Toronto and Montreal. I shudder at the thought of stopping at another Wendy's / Tim Horton's / Yogen Fruz. So far, I've found some good options down the QEW to Niagara but I've yet to hear of stops on this route.

Please help!

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  1. Hey Currycue....... I suggest you time your lunch stop for Kingston ..right at the end of princess street -downtown is Pan Chanco ... a bakery with a fabulous takeout - lovely sandwiches on fantastic breads - great soups and lots of other goodies .... you will not be sorry .

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      Got to second Pan Chanco. The patio is stunning!

    2. Situated behind the Dairy Queen on Highway 20 in Ile Perrot, is Smoke Meat Pete.

      Real Montreal smoked meat, the smokehouse variety, some Jewish delicacies like latkes and chopped liver. If Cott Back Cherry pop is your favorite, and you haven't seen it for years, if you crave fabulous home made fries, and absolutely the best molasses-sauced pork ribs on any planet, make it your last stop into the city, or your first stop out. And bring a brisket and a side of ribs back for me.

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        Can't be better than Schwartz's can it?

        1. re: currycue

          Google "Smoke Meat Pete" and get other opinions-there are a lot of them. I would argue that they are equals.

          Also, just for the purpose of this thread, Pete's is on the way to Montreal.

      2. Also...if not there is a great Fish and Chip shop in Brockville at 40 water st. west -Don's fish and chips ... they do a very good job and are very busy - take out only ... but there is a lovely park not far away where you can have your lunch and watch the lakers sail by on the river. They also sell Vernor's soda if you are a fan....

        1. I got some great suggestions on this past thread. I ended having to cancel my trip so can't make a recommendation myself.

          1. Belleville is a good halfway point on that trip
            Take Hwy 62 exit SOUTH and you will see a variety of restaurants just off the highway
            including Mexicali Rosa's (first lights turn left) and Linguine's at 257 North Front St (few blocks south on the left side) which has excellent Italian