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Apr 16, 2008 09:21 AM

Truffles taste/smell like garlic?

Well, I bought some nice, good-quality, French white truffle oil. I take a whiff and the 1st thing that comes to mind is that it smells like garlic with a rubbery (but pleasantly so) after-smell. I was wondering if real truffles smell like garlic? I'm sure the mouthfeel is totally different and that eating truffles is a lot different from eating garlic.

More importantly, truffles at least have a very pungent and savory aroma, right? I'm assuming that truffles are more robust and pungent and not particularly sensual. For example, I love garlic, but I don't want to kiss someone who smells of garlic. Likewise, you wouldn't consider a woman who smells of truffles to be attractive now would you?

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  1. have you ever cooked with it before? if not,use it sparingly.we have an amazing foccacia recipe from epicurious and we cut that item in's fine that way.

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      1. Very interesting info re. truffle smell in this NYTimes article:

        1. If I'm not mistaken, a lot of truffle oil does not have any truffle essence in it at all but relies on artificial/natural flavorings to produce a truffle-like aroma and taste.

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            You're correct, but strike the "natural flavorings" part in your statement.

          2. White truffles do kinda smell garlicky and earthy, whereas black truffles are a completely different beast. Much more delicate, but still very intense. Hard to describe really because black truffles smell just like black truffles!!!