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Apr 16, 2008 09:06 AM

Food you eat in the privacy of your own home? (WARNING: Potentially disgusting, feel free to not open if you are squeamish)

This thread talks about the etiquette surrounding disposal of an olive pit. It got me thinking about food that I eat only in the privacy of my own home, because I the way I eat it would be frowned upon in a public setting. For example:

<"This makes me really curious how some of the posters who try to be really subtle eat seeded grapes, watermelon"

Very good point Vorpal. I don't disagree with your point of view. Still, it is nice to be informed by others about what might be standard practice. Just opens up my little bitty eyes to the world out there.

I must say, I'd be very interested in the seeded grapes thing. I really love the large Muscat grapes with the seeds, they are soooo delicious! But I'll rarely put them out in public because of the issue of the pits. Instead, I'll eat them in the privacy of my own kitchen, like a little sloppy rodent. Same with crabs. I love to eat every last morsel of meat. I'll rip apart claws, knuckles, body, and leave it spotless. So I'll never order it in a restaurant. Hmm, should I start a thread on General Chowhounding topics? Food you eat in hiding?>

So, I'll have to add lobster to the list (again, I eat every last morsel) and meat with bones (I love cartilage, marrow, gristly bits and gnawing the meat off the bone). Fresh lychees, pomegranates, fresh whole mango, any fruit that requires peeling and ripping and dripping juices all over my hands and face must also be included. If I never had to use a utensil again, I could manage.

Heck, how about Oreos? It can't be polite to rip them apart and peel away the white stuff? At least, it would likely be frowned upon if you are over 20 years old.

Or how about (and I admit this is really gross) Saltines? When I was younger, I recall chewing a bunch of them up, them making a little ball out of the pulp, then eating the ball. Hmmm, I have some in the cupboard... Rodent tendencies coming through....

SO: Time to fess up! What do you eat in the privacy of your own home, knowing that the way you eat it or the substance itself might be considered disgusting or odd?

(BTW I apologize if this has already been done. I tried to do a search, but nothing obvious came up. That being said, I am a bit of a luddite when it comes to web technology)

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  1. I agree about the seeded grapes. I typically stand next to the sink and spit 'em straight in. Sooo not ladylike and i am a huge priss.
    Nothing else really comes to mind. I was at a crawfish boil last week where sloppiness is encouraged and most other traditionally sloppy foods I don't really care for so it's not an issue.

    1. I'm not the kind to spit out and ball up my food ;-) but I guess the only thing I eat at home that I wouldn't eat in public is bone marrow. Most Americans seem somewhat grossed out by the idea of sucking on bones.

      In general I do eat dairy in public, but because I'm lactose intolerant, if I don't have the pills, I will limit my consumption to the privacy of behind closed doors. I will say no more than that.

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      1. re: JungMann

        Alas, restaurants no longer have marrow spoons to offer in the place setting when bones rich in marrow are on offer. If you are willing to do a little searching they can be found. I have 4 in silver plate that were a gift purchased at Sur la Table. Maybe there.

        1. re: JungMann

          Pizza, fettucine alfredo, milkshakes, nachos, cheese enchiladas, ice cream.
          ONLY at home.

          1. re: gordeaux

            Why cheese enchiladas? I do love them, but can usually manage to eat them with a fork without spilling/dripping. Or am I doing something wrong? I'm a gringa, so it's possible I'm eating a sanitized version...

            1. re: Catskillgirl

              I think it's all the dairy in those things that keeps gordeaux eating them in private. Another lactose intolerant...

            2. re: gordeaux

              I wouldn't even touch fettucine alfredo in private. That's more reckless than Russian roulette.

          2. I have to admit -- I've got no shame. Unless it's a business function or I'm with people I don't know very well, I'll rip apart into the crab with my face an fingers full of crab bits and shell. I'll pick up my bone and eat the meat around it. Actually, I remember a few months back I was having dinner with this D-list celebrity that I just met (along with 14 other people, which I only knew a few). She was only drinking and hovering over me the entire time asking me stupid questions. And I was so pissed that I couldn't eat my stone crab claws in peace. I left so much freakin' meat on it.

            DH makes fun of me saying I'm like a messy child because when I'm through eating there will sometimes be bits of food over my face or food all over the tables. Actually a few time (and I have no idea how it happens), I've gotten food over my shoulder on my trapezius muscle. Of course I know to restrain myself in certain situations and can "appear" to be quite dainty. But I like to let loose and go at it most times.

            Moh, the saltines? Hmmmmmmm........ ; )

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              1. re: Miss Needle

                Word. Definitely no shame in my game. I get it into my mouth however I please, and then my instincts take over. If I get it on all over my face and hands, I'll go wash up after. If I'm eating like a pig and sucking down every little bit, crunching on bones, scraping up food from my dishes, that just means I'm really enjoying it.

              2. When I hammer away at stone crab claws ( isn't that what a "claw" hammer is for?) on a pizza tray cushioned with newspaper, shards of shells can jump 10-15 feet from the table, and sometimes I find them 3 days later when I step on them barefoot.
                With other messy items, e.g. saucy pork ribs, I wear clothing with every expectation of simply throwing it out later.

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                1. re: Veggo

                  LOL at this one! I once read a restaurant review where the author said that when he eats barbecue he generally finds sauce in his socks. This reminds me of that. I also rip into my food with enthusiasm - I only order boneless steaks in public because I can make a spectacle of myself cleaning the bone.

                  1. re: Catskillgirl

                    I agree with the BBQ and steaks on a bone, but I would also add fried chicken. It can be eaten neatly with a knife and fork, but what is the point of a crunchy crust if you are required to eat it with utensils?

                    I only order long pasta with trepidation in public, unless others in the party are doing the same because I have never mastered twisting w/ a spoon.

                2. I know it's not very chowish, but I like Big Macs. I don't like to eat them like a normal person, though. I take every layer apart, dip it in ketchup or Thousand Island dressing, and eat it separately. It took me 6 months of dating before my husband saw me eat one this way. He still laughs at it and we've been married for almost 3 years. Big Macs are the only sandwich or burger that I eat in this fashion. Everything else stays in one piece, unless it falls apart.

                  My husband drowns his perfectly good mac n cheese (homemade) in a ton of ketchup.

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                  1. re: AlyKen

                    This is a challenging gene pool for your firstborn. Lots of ketchup. Hey, Bob Kerry married a Heinz, so it's out there!

                    1. re: Veggo

                      Well, we were in elementary school when Reagan declared it a vegetable :-P I only really like ketchup on my Big Macs, and I prefer TI since that's what's on them anyways. I prefer a light squirt of mustard on everything else. There's just something about that one burger.

                      Come October/November we can start the ketchup bottle baby feedings ;-)

                      1. re: AlyKen

                        Well, congratulations, mom-to-be! Do we call this the im-MAC-ulate conception? :)

                        1. re: Veggo

                          Thanks... I eat them so rarely that it doesn't matter.. partly because I'm embarrassed by my habit and have been obsessed with chicken lately. Big Macs are a once in a blue moon thing.

                    2. re: AlyKen

                      Not that I haven't drowned my share of mac n cheese with ketchup, but since we discovered a recipe for a homemade salsa (vinegar, chopped onion and tomato, lime juice, and cilantro), I've never looked back. The sharpness of the salsa is an excellent complement to the creamy mac n cheese.

                      1. re: KevinB

                        That sounds like something I would do, with my addiction to salsa... maybe when tomatoes don't make me sick again.

                      2. re: AlyKen

                        I grew up putting ketchup on the mac' and cheese and scrambled eggs.

                        1. re: RemyT

                          Just had a fried egg and ketchup sandwich for breakfast today! The fried egg sandwich isn't the same without the ketchup.