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Apr 16, 2008 09:04 AM

Bread making classes in the Boston Area?

I'm not sure if this is the proper board for this, but I would like to take a bread making class and live in the Boston area. I'm hoping for something that is one day during the weekend (or an evening). Does anyone have a recommendation? The only one I have found is during the day on a Tuesday through BU. Thanks!

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  1. Cambridge School for Culinary Arts does one on weekends. It's part of a mutlicourse baking package but you can take single classes.

    1. I've taken Baking Bread Without Recipes at the Boston Center for Adult Education. It was very good. And an evening class.

      1. Most adult ed programs have them. Check where you live. Thay range from basic baking to BU's C;ear Flour class.

        1. Thanks all! Boston/Cambridge/Brookline aren't offering quite what I'm looking for, but Cambridge School for Culinary Arts looks perfect.

          1. Chef Gomes (Delphin) at the Cambridge School for Culinary Arts is a wonderful teacher (I took a souffle class with him one winter, and I know someone who did the entire 10 week pastry course). If he teaches any of the bread classes, I'd sign up asap- he's worth it.

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              I don't think he teaches the baking course that includes bread. It's part of their regular curriculum. He teaches the special $$ pastry courses.

              But if he does teach it, agreed -- sign up!

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                This is a little off topic, but what are regional cuisine recreational classes like at the Cambridge School for Culinary Arts? For instance;
                - Thailand (May 10th)
                - Flavors of South East Asia(May 18th)
                Since there isn't a list of additional dates within the description I assume they are one session only. Do you learn to cook dishes or is it more of a demonstration and taste sampling?