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Theater District Request

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I will be seeing two shows in the next few weeks and have been to many of the restaurants in the area. I see lots of theater. We love to try new ones, but I am getting a little stuck right now.

First request is for a restaurant very close to West 45th Street, no more than 2 blocks. Friend has difficulty walking. Only place I can think of is Juniors as it is right there. I don't want to make her walk across Broadway to Kellari or DB, both of which we have been and like.

Second request is for a restaurant fairly close to West 48th Street. Different friend and no problems with walking a few blocks. I know I have tons of choices, but the problem is finding a new place. Have been to Aoki, Shimizu, Trattoria Colori, many of the restaurants on 9th Avenue. Any good suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Marseille is at 44th and 9th. Is that too far for your friend who can't walk distances? We had a very nice pre-theater there just a week or two ago.

    1. Orso should work for either, and Vice Versa is close to 48th.

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        Jane A. and Rrems:

        Thanks for the suggestions, did not mention those restaurants, but I have been to all 3 before. 44th and 9th is definitely too far as those avenue blocks are killers and we would have to walk back to pick up the car from the garage right next to Juniors.

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          I had a great meal at Vice Versa's sister restaurant Etcetera Etcetera when I went to go see A Chorus Line about a year ago. Their pre-fixe meal was great and they got me out in time to see the show. I think its located on West 44th Street, but you should double check. Plus I had a very enthusiastic waiter who was excited to share his story about how the Chorus Line cast was in the restaurant recently for a cast party...very cute!

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            I'd second Etcetera Etcetera and also recommend ViceVersa. The short ribs I had at Etc. were wonderful, as was the tapenade they serve with the bread. Just skip the fruit cake for dessert. I know, I know, but what can I say, the cute waiter talked me into it!

        2. Osterio al Doge is on 44th between Broadway and 6th. That might be a little closer. If you decide on that, let them know that you need to sit downstairs, because I would assume that she would not want to walk upstairs there.

          1. jfood ate here last week before a show


            It's not inexpensive but the food was very good. If you go tell them you are a theatre person since many are not so they can get you out in time.

            1. for your friend with difficulty walking- have you ever had the pizza at Patzeria? it's one of the best I have had anywahere, italy included. try the grandma slice or the spinach pinwheel. I would rather have a slice of that and then go sit at a bar for a drink before a show! Also Scarlatto is on 47th, Becco. Thalia is good too...been there many time and apart from a crappy omelette last time (we showed up as brunch was about to end) everything has been good.

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                Thanks for all the suggestions. However Etc. and Etc. is too far and Osteria al Doge is east of Broadway which is a mob scene to cross two times. I have been to Etc. and Etc. for both dinner and brunch and liked it very much. The one dinner I had at Osteria was not good and if I were to cross Broadway, I would definitely go to Kellari. I know lots of people here like Vice Versa but the one dinner I had there many years ago underwhelmed me.

                Insieme is very good. I have been and would just as soon as go someplace new especially for those prices.

                I will look up Patzeria. Thanks. Have been to both Scarlatto and Becco. The former quite a few times and think their pre-theater is a great deal, the latter don't like. Have not been to Thalia in a long time but remember a good dinner there a while back. I know most people around here do not give that one very good reviews.

                Thank you all for your suggestions. It is hard with the constraints of wanting something new, since I have been to so many and needing to be close to theater, well for one of the performances anyway.

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                  I would never recommend Becco. The pastas are mediocre, seating is sardine-tight, and the noise level is insanely high, making normal conversation impossible. There are many other far superior Italian restaurants to choose from in the Theater District.

                  Btw, if you look at G3B's post just above yours: Been there, done that. And agrees with me about not liking it.

                2. There's an outpost of Sushi of Gari on w46th between 8th and 9th, and a gazillion and a half pubs / bars where you could grab a quick bite, in the area. Bar Centrale (also on w46th between 8th and 9th) is a decent one of that genre.

                  I don't really like Bond45, but it is right there on 45th between 6th and 7th for friend #1.

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                    Bond45 is not right near their theatre. It's on the other (east) side of B'way and G3B indicated in a previous post that negotiating that crossing twice would be difficult for the friend.

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                      OP wasn't clear on which side of b'way he/she wished to remain. But alright. Thanks for pointing that out.

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                        In the original post, G3B actually did tell us on which side of B'way the theater is located: "Only place I can think of is Juniors as it is right there."