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Apr 16, 2008 08:31 AM

Lucky 8 -- Sunset Park Cantonese

It's not my favorite style for Chinese food dinners (well, not since my youthful days at Hong Ying or Wo Hop, or my infrequent visits to Cantoon or NY Noodletown), so its no wonder that my experiences in other Sunset Park places like Pacificana have left me less than anxious to go back. But 8 of us went to Lucky 8 on 8th Ave last night (5204 8th Ave, Bklyn) & had a very above average meal. Turns out that the owner was sitting with his mother and other family members at the big table next to ours in one of the downstairs rooms and he's a well spoken, middle aged, motivated guy who was interested in our business and our take on the place. The cooking clearly indicated that those in the kitchen were well skilled and that whomever was overseeing the process had skill in making some tasty stuff. One dish of bamboo shoot innards (whatever the term is for that... I cant remember) was bland and mediocre, but the rest was solidly prepared, interesting stuff. And the crispy chicken was cleanly fried. Maybe someone else from our group can chime in on the specifics, as I'm not good with remembering each dish, but I'll definitely remember the place as a destination when I'm in the mood for other than Szech. cuisine. And $20pp covered enough food, some beers and a healthy tip.

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  1. No sure if it was coincidence or conspiracy (I think the latter) but Dave Cook just put some mouthwatering pics from this resto in his flickr photostream. Bamboo pith, if that's the dish you were referring to, is not bamboo shoot innards but a fungus that grows around bamboo trees. It usually imparts a nice nutty flavor to dishes. It's known as (I kid you not) phallus indusiatus and reputed to be an aphrodysiac to women.

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      No coincidence... Dave was with me, as were several other CH, other food board and food bloggers. I love going out in these groups . Since I consider myself not bad on this foodie knowledge front, I'm always amazed at the depth of knowledge some others have and Dave, Surly and Peter Cherches certainly put me to shame. Thanks for the pith point. (I'm holding back, unsuccessfully, using pithy here).

    2. Thanks for the review. Unlike you, we have enjoyed our two meals at Pacificana, but always like to try new places. I assume Lucky 8 is a lot smaller than the cavernous Pacificana.

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        There are about ten 4 seat tables and three 8 seat tables upstairs. A few more tables downstairs. It's not a big place.

        How was the pork maw? The last time I had it here, it was a bit tough to eat.

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          We love the vinegar ribs, tofu with black mushrooms, even the standard crispy noodle with seafood. There are some semi-weird surprises too like the "flank steak" fried up with something like apple pie filling!

          It's not the most amazing Cantonese we've ever had, but more than reliable. Other factors that I normally don't care about help - the atmosphere and staff are cheery, and it's real close to us. On Friday night, when Boro Park closes up, we can get from Avenue C and OP to the restaurant in almost five minutes. And they're open until midnight.

          (I haven't looked too hard lately but I'm guessing the places open later are those with Chinese only menus. I haven't the skills.)