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Any suggestion on good lunch spots in Zona Rosa of D.F.?

Hi. I've been for a few months in Mexico City due to my work, and having difficulties in finding some good lunch spots in Zona Rosa.

I've tried lots of places, but most of them were disappointing (dirty, so-so food, bad service, or too expensive to go to everyday for lunch).

I've tried many of the fancy restaurants in Polanco. However, (1) they are too expensive to eat everyday (I cannot afford an US$50-70 per person lunch everyday), and (2) they are too far from Zona Rosa, where my office is located.

Does any body know good lunch spots at reasonable prices in Zona Rosa?


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  1. If you like Japanese - this is a good spot:
    Río Pánuco 128
    Not too expensive and very authentic

    1. If you get outside the Zona Rosa and look on the bordering streets, especially the east and north toward Ave de La Reforma, you may find a nice restaurant with a tasty, inexpensive comida corrida, as we did, back in the 90s.

      You will often find better value outside of the glitzier touristed districts.

      1. I like Chalet Suizo, on Niza - at one of the outer edges of the Zona Rosa. German-Swiss it is. Prices will probably be comparable to what we pay for a meal in the USA, but I've never been disappointed with what I've eaten and I like it for a change from Mexican food. The restaurant usually has some great smoked trout on the menu - served either as an appetizer or entree. The city's Swiss business community hangs-out in the restaurant, including food importers - and that explains, I think, the high-quality food offerings. The same owners started a Swiss restaurant out by Amecameca - a large place - but I don't know if it's still in operation.

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          Thanks, guys.

          Gomexico, I have often walked past Chalet Suizo, but not tried yet. I'll definitely try it. Thanks.

        2. The Hotel Century at 152 Liverpool has a vegetarian restaurant buffet that I think is one of the best ANYWHERE. The food is exceptional, very reasonably priced.the restaurant and staff are great. It is open for lunch - monday-friday. I'm going to eat there next thursday or friday! Can't wait

          1. i've always liked the classic La Fonda el Refugio, i love their salsa borracha and old fashioned desserts, very authentic food and atmosphere.

            Fonda el Refugio
            Liverpool 166
            Zona Rosa
            55 25 8128

            1. Agree with Fonda El Refugio. I would try all the streets between the Diana and the Angel on the north side of Reforma - I used to work over there and there were lots of good options. I remember a great place for comida corrida (Los Girasoles?) on Río Pánuco between Rio Ganges and Rio Nilo. Daikoku (sushi/japanese) is across the street one way and Bistrot Harlequin (simple french, not sure if open for lunch) is across the street the other way - both on the corner of Rio Nilo and Rio Pánuco.

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                Thank you. I love Fonda el Refugio. I'll try the area between the Diana and the Angel. Thanks again.

              2. People are probably going to think I'm mad but the Chili's in the mall on the Paseo de Reforma opposite Rio Amazones is a fun lunch spot - and personally I crave a burger after a few days in Mexico!

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                  If you really like Burgers that much then you HAVE to go on a Burger Crawl next time you are in DF... if you are serious about doing it... I will enlist my relatives who live in the working class neighborhoods to help me compile a list for you.