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Apr 16, 2008 08:29 AM

OK Find on 99 in Bakersfield

Searching this board for a lunch site off 99 did not give many suggestions. However, we pulled off 99 at the California exit in Bakersfield for gas, and right there was a Logan's Roadhuse (I guess it is a chain). My wife had a good burger and I had a grilled meatloaf with a nice mushroom, oniion gravy - choice of several sides. Side salad was good as well, fresh greens with goodies (olives, hearts of palm etc.)

Overall - pretty good for what we wanted as road food.

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  1. From the company's website:


    Logan's Roadhouse®, Inc., headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, currently owns and operates 143 company-operated and 26 franchised Logan's Roadhouse restaurants in 20 states. Logan's opened it's first location in Lexington, Ky in 1991.

    1. Next time when heading thru Bakersfield on "99", make the 7th Standard Road exit or "The Merle Haggard Way" and just East of Hiway 65 is Champs BBQ. GREAT BBQ! Just as a side note, about 10 days ago, the county health department closed Logan's Roadhouse for a day due to rodent droppings, it made big news here in Bakersfield. If you interested in Basque food, Benji's is located about 1/2 mile West of "99" on Rosedale Hiway (West 58), just past Costco.

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        Thanks for the additional info.

        Interestingly, Logans still had theeir county "A" rating card on the door. Hmmm, maybe that wasn't raisins on the salad

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          Forget Logan's and drive about 5 minutes further east on California.
          There's a new Cuban restaurant on the corner of California Avenue and Chester Avenue called Sabor Cubano. A Cuban friend who is from Miami said the food is very much like what a Cuban family would make and he eats there all of the time.
          Though it's set up as a sort of fast-food Cuban style cafeteria, the dishes are anything but fast food. The Rabo Encendido (Spicy Oxtails) weren't all that spicy to me (but then I'm a chilehead so what's spicy to some isn't spicy to me). That being said, the meat was braised low and slow and simply fell off the bone, it was so tender. The Picadillo Aceitunado (ground beef with brined green olives) was a little salty but good...a sort of bun-less Cuban Sloppy Joe, if you will. On another visit I had the Chuleta en Cazuela (Cuban Pork Chops) which had a good flavor but were a little tough.
          They also serve Cuban Sandwiches and a even a Medianoche which is the same as a Cuban Sandwich but served on a sweet Cuban bread (they make their own sandwich bread). They also serve Cuban beverages (Materva, Jupina, Maltas and Ironbeer).
          The staff is very friendly and will give you a sample of everything on display if you ask. They're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
          The dinner combos average about $8.99. They come with the main dish of your choice, fried plantains or yucca, white rice or Cuban rice (which is a mixture of white rice and black beans), and a choice of red beans or black beans.
          They got a great review in the local paper:

          (Be patient, it takes a while for the article page to load).

          edited to add the link

        2. Besides the local Basque options, I'm curious about the Don Perico chain which has a location at Grapevine.
          How does it rate against other local Mexican places?

          Thanks for the tip on Champs - close to Hwy 99.

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            I've only eaten at the on Hageman Rd off Calloway and had their buffet. The chili verde was excellent and spicy, and the guacamole was very good.