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Apr 16, 2008 08:28 AM


Where are the best biscuits in Brooklyn or Queens? I remember the small about an inch and a half in diameter and height of the biscuits at the original Lundy's in Sheepshead bay. I know that Popeye's chicken makes an attempt at a a real southern biscuit, but it does not compare. Does anyone do this right? I know that many hounds will have different opinions. Let's have at it! I would love to see a multi response thread.

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  1. Ironically, the biscuit at the now twice departed Biscuit BBQ was never all that good.

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      I seem to remember the biscuits at Egg in Williamsburg being really good. Also, those at Clinton St. Baking Company. And, of course, there's a Bojangles up in Bushwick.

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        I'll second Egg. I would also suggest Brooklyn Label in Greenpoint.

    2. I know where to avoid the biscuits - the ones I had at Boerum Hill Food Co. on Smith St. tasted strongly of baking powder and when we complained the waitress just shrugged.

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        That was my complaint with the reopened Lundy's. I thought it was too much baking soda which made it salty and sandy.

      2. Biscuits are one thing you can make yourself, even if all you have is a toaster oven. Lots or receipes on the net. You can make the mix in large batches way ahead of time. You can chose your own grains ect. Otherwise, search chowhound on southern places.

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          that link doesn't lead anywhere...

        2. As a transplanted southerner, I too have been in search of quality biscuits. Relish in Brooklyn makes a satisfying one, although it is of the large and flakier sort (not the small and crumbly ones traditionally thought of as southern). But alongside a bowl of their cheddar grits, I can almost feel like I'm home in Atlanta.