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Apr 16, 2008 08:24 AM

good korean in DC?

i want some sweet, spicy bulgogi, good mandu and kimchi. i'm willing to shell out some cash but woo lae oak was a bit of a disappointment (dinner/drinks for $120, food was good but not great and service was terrible.) don't want to hike to annandale, there's no metro stop.

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  1. I've been to mandu in Adams Morgan which isn't terribly expensive and the food, in my opinion, was actually quite good. And its metro accessible. There's another place called Chinatown Express in Mount Pleasant that serves Chinese/Japanese/Korean. The owners, however, are Korean and their takeout Korean is good as well.

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      Dan the Man's Teriyaki and Subs near U Street Metro makes some tasty bulgogi. Cheap too. And Dan's Korean, I believe.

    2. ugh... almost all the good places are not metro accessible. BUT you could go to a korean market and buy it and prepare it yourself. There is one about .25ish miles off the Dunn Loring Metro off lee hwy:

      Sadly thats the closest thing I can think of....

      1. I like Yee Hwa on 21st Street. Not as good as Annandale, but still pretty decent.

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          that's the place just off K right? I've heard positive things.