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Apr 16, 2008 08:14 AM

Bagel world opening on Bloor St at Spadina

I noticed on my walk down to Bloor Street the other night that a Bagel World is opening on Bloor street on the south hand side in between Spadina and Robert street. It's about time that a good bakery opened up on Bloor Street, it's one area that's truly been lacking (I do like the Harbord for some things (don't like the bagels but excellent challah) and Cobbs, I just don't get it, it just doesn't do it for me).
Now all we need is a good butcher in the annex!

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  1. Interesting. Hopefully, they'll be able to maintain quality control with two locations.

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    1. re: pescatarian

      They had a "coming soon" sign in Thornhill forever. Apparently the combo of a new What a Bagel resto as well as the soon-opening Panera and Le Pain Quotidien were enough to make them look downtown instead.

      1. re: fleisch

        There's still a billboard announcing their arrival along the Centre St side of the mall.

    2. Interesting! There are so many fab bagel places up north I'm not surprised they are moving in downtown instead. No complaints here!

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      1. re: Baelsette

        Ditto. I'd rather see them downtown as well. I know where to get good bagels up north, but not downtown where I am most often.

        1. re: pescatarian

          theres a new little store on Roncy, just north of Queen, on the East side (right accross from the nursing home) that brings in both St Urbain, and Bagel World bagels. I was there early saturday, around 8 am, and they were still warm, and i have picked a couple up after work around 5ish, and they still have some left. Sure beats a trip north.

      2. Are they going to bake on the premises, or bring in the bagels from Wilson?

        1. Not sure, I"ll be sure to update once they are open! Fingers crossed.

          1. Looks like it's been "Closed for renovations" the last 2 weeks. Hope that's the truth.