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Apr 16, 2008 08:14 AM

New Polish market in Durham?

Anyone heard of a new Polish market in Durham, I think I heard near RTP? I'd love to find it.

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  1. Halgo Flowers and European Grocery

    Looks like they opened just before Christmas 2007.

    1. I heard a radio ad last week for a Polish/Eastern European Deli and catering outfit with locations in Raleigh and Greensboro but can't seem to recall the name enough to get their website (something like Impreza?)

      I'm thinking of doing a smoked/cured meat field trip to Greensboro. Go here, to Giacomos

      1. Yes. I've been there twice now. It's on the northern side of South Alston Avenue at the intersection of that and Highway 54. You can see it from that junction.

        I highly recommend the pierogis from Chicago. I think the brand name is Kasia's. They were excellent considering they are mass produced. Not only does Halgo sell Polish foods but they sell a wide selection of Eastern European foods and drinks. The Polish-American couple who run the place order stuff in at the customers request.

        1. I went a couple weeks ago and picked up some pierogis, blintzes, potato pancakes and pickles. Everything we've tried so far has been good - the potato pancakes (Kasia's brand) were excellent. They also sell a line of Kasia's handmade pierogis as well as the mass-produced ones.

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            Stopped by yesterday. Nice lady gave me an unsolicited slice of Polish ham. Good ham, good gesture. Bought some spinach, mushroom pierogies, Ukrainian borscht, and garlic kielbasa. Spinach pierogies were good, loaded with spinach; haven't tried mushroom yet. Borscht also good. Wasn't thrilled with the kielbasa as I was tasting it for the next few hours with each burp. I'll try a different sausage next time. I would love for this place to succeed, but the location is terrible. Their signage won't exactly attract would-be shoppers either.

          2. Halgo is now serving two types of pierogis at lunchtime. The beef, while not 'traditional', were exceptionally tasty.