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Apr 16, 2008 07:37 AM

Where can I buy Game Birds (North End or Cambridge Area)?

Since local chowhounds also tend to be good cooks, I am hoping you all can help me find a local and affordable source for the following:

1. semi-boneless quail (wings and legs intact)
2. squab
3. pheasant
4. Cornish Hens on the smaller size (the ones at McKinnons are always HUGE).

I live in the Porter SQ area and work by the North End, so markets in either area are preferred, but I will drive for a good deal. I'm sure Savenour in Cambridge has all of these, but they tend to be the priciest option in the city, so I thought I would check with you all first.

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  1. Whole Foods at Fresh Pond usually carries Cornish Hens that weigh about a pound each.

    1. In the North End, you can almost always get semi-deboned quail at Sulmona on Parmenter Street. Frozen, but still fine and tasty. I get them there for my tailgates during Pats season. Just call ahead to check.

      And although Savenors is pricey, they usually have a great selection of game birds.

      You could also do the D'Artagnan online thing.

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        Definitely Savenors, I think WF might also at least have quail. I have done the D'Artagnan thing (for grouse, pheasant, and partridge) and been very happy with this.

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          In the past I have occasionally seen fresh pheasant and quail at the Fresh Pond WF. I bet that if you asked (and gave enough notice), they would get them for you.

      2. The Armenian markets in Coolidge Sq. in Watertown have frozen squab.

        1. Here is a list of what Mayflower was carrying in stock (most of the things on your list), plus they can order more. Always call first with special requests and to check availability:


          For deals on Frozen Quail, supermarkets and stores that cater to Portuguese are also worth shopping around (not usually semi-boneless). I like the Portuguese imported better than the more common Canadian (for supermarket options), but Mayflower has more options for sourcing.

          1. Russos (www.russos.com) in Watertown often has game birds from local farms, and we think their prices are very reasonable. Their meat selection varies (it's all fresh- they don't carry frozen meat), so seeing something one week doesn't necessarily mean that you'll see it again the next. You can always call ahead to see what they have- they're very accommodating over the phone. Their produce alone is worth the trip, in my opinion.