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Apr 16, 2008 07:37 AM

Where can I buy Game Birds (North End or Cambridge Area)?

Since local chowhounds also tend to be good cooks, I am hoping you all can help me find a local and affordable source for the following:

1. semi-boneless quail (wings and legs intact)
2. squab
3. pheasant
4. Cornish Hens on the smaller size (the ones at McKinnons are always HUGE).

I live in the Porter SQ area and work by the North End, so markets in either area are preferred, but I will drive for a good deal. I'm sure Savenour in Cambridge has all of these, but they tend to be the priciest option in the city, so I thought I would check with you all first.

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  1. Whole Foods at Fresh Pond usually carries Cornish Hens that weigh about a pound each.

    1. In the North End, you can almost always get semi-deboned quail at Sulmona on Parmenter Street. Frozen, but still fine and tasty. I get them there for my tailgates during Pats season. Just call ahead to check.

      And although Savenors is pricey, they usually have a great selection of game birds.

      You could also do the D'Artagnan online thing.

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        Definitely Savenors, I think WF might also at least have quail. I have done the D'Artagnan thing (for grouse, pheasant, and partridge) and been very happy with this.

        1. re: steinpilz

          In the past I have occasionally seen fresh pheasant and quail at the Fresh Pond WF. I bet that if you asked (and gave enough notice), they would get them for you.

      2. The Armenian markets in Coolidge Sq. in Watertown have frozen squab.

        1. Here is a list of what Mayflower was carrying in stock (most of the things on your list), plus they can order more. Always call first with special requests and to check availability:

          For deals on Frozen Quail, supermarkets and stores that cater to Portuguese are also worth shopping around (not usually semi-boneless). I like the Portuguese imported better than the more common Canadian (for supermarket options), but Mayflower has more options for sourcing.

          1. Russos ( in Watertown often has game birds from local farms, and we think their prices are very reasonable. Their meat selection varies (it's all fresh- they don't carry frozen meat), so seeing something one week doesn't necessarily mean that you'll see it again the next. You can always call ahead to see what they have- they're very accommodating over the phone. Their produce alone is worth the trip, in my opinion.