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Apr 16, 2008 07:14 AM

Best CARAMELS in D.C.?

Where can I buy some really wonderful caramels? I had some after a meal at Komi that were terrific, but I'm sure they wouldn't sell them separately to me. (Hm, though I may call and ask.) Biagio on 18th only sells caramels in chocolate. I've considered Dean & Deluca, but I'd like something a little less... mass produced? Any ideas?


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  1. Blue Moon chocolates makes a mean salted carmel.

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      Do they have a storefront? Their website is not so great. But salted caramels are just what I'm looking for.

      Thank you.

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        No, it's a one-woman local operation. You can usually buy then at the finewine store in Gaithersburg and I think the McLean store stocks them as well.

        I believe the Bradley Deli on the corner of Bradley and Arlington in Bethesda sells them too.

        All of her chocolates are to die for; she uses a very thin chocoate shell that makes them very delicate, which I personally love. The fillings are imaginative and well balanced.

    2. I've always heard of Velati's, but never tried them myself:

      1. There is a large jar of them on the counter at Cowgirl Creamery in Penn Qtr. I think they are french. We got some wonderful ones at Cheesetique in Del Ray.

        1. Balducci's sells Fran's Salted Caramels. They are pricey ($11? for a little box) but, wow, they are outstanding. Also, Crate and Barrel (believe it or not) had good salted caramels at Christmas time, so maybe they'll be back at some point.

          1. Check out Gifford's in Penn Quarter: http://www.giffords.com/. My MIL swears by them.

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                Trader Joes has wonderful sea salt caramels. MMM tdf!

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                  I'm going to have to disagree there. The carmels are extremely tough and they're way oversalted. They are pretty cheap though!