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Apr 16, 2008 06:54 AM

A fine meal without the beef at Valbella, Scarsdale...

Stopped in to Valbella in Eastchester/Scarsdale last night...wanted a light meal without the beef (though the steaks and chops are quite good here)...started with a fine hefty order of Tuna Carpaccio, with capers, Bermuda onion, thinly sliced cucumbers and a light Dijon dressing on the side. Moved on to a lovely fresh salad of Boston & Mixed Green Lettuce, with pear, bleu cheese and Vidalia onion in a walnut dressing. This was a major hit! Just wonderful...Then came a shared order of the fresh fish of the day, in this case an extraordinary filet of Chilean Sea Bass, beautifully presented. For dessert the fresh made Apple Tart with ice cream was the 'coup de grace'...a light and lovely meal indeed, sparked with a couple of glasses of good merlot...
And, oh yes, I guess the kid in me came out...I just had to have an order of their house made steak fries on the side...which we shared, then took home.
Sergio, the general manager, is a gracious host.

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  1. how are the prices? have you tried the steaks previously?

    1. It's funny, that locale is such a Bermuda triangle, but the funny thing is, I never have heard bad things about the food from any of the previous restaurants. They have parking, they are in a prime spot, and the place always looks well kept. Funny thing is, I have never even stepped foot in there and I knew the owner of the previous place. It's truly an odd situation.

      I have heard it's a bit pricey, and if I'm paying for a $45 steak, I want it to be Luger's or something comparable. It's unfair maybe, but I think a place there needs to push something pther than steak. I'll run to WP or NYC if I want a good steak.

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        Is this where Malfetano used to be? I went a few years back based on some good reviews from this board, and the food was medriocre and completely overpriced. Is this the same owner? Did they do something about the decor? It looked like a bad wannabee italian place.