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Apr 16, 2008 06:29 AM

lc tagine

looking to buy a tagine and was looking at a ceramic one imported from marocco but hear they chip to easy so started looking at the lc tagine it is smallish but wonder how they work and if they have the same finish as the skillets.also looking at the all-clad and emeril ones

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  1. You might have a look at this earlier thread, which favors the heavy iron LC and All Clad.

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    1. re: GeezerGourmet

      The LC tagine is very small and hold only 1.5 qts. One braising expert who has written many books and one on such cooking said it's her least favorite. She recommends the Emile Henry tagine as a better alernative. You can use it to sear on stove top and then transfer to the oven.

      1. re: blondelle

        I've read some similar comments in Middle Eastern cookbooks - that tagines cook nicely, but don't hold very much. For larger recipes, Roden seened to a dutch oven or larger cooking pot, with tagines only being using for serving.. more decorative than functional.

        1. re: grant.cook

          The Emile Henry tagine is 3.5 qts. and according to their site serves up to 10 people. Food can be piled higher in the center, and it can roast and/or braise a nice sized chicken under the dome. It's a gorgeous serving piece, and can be used on top of the range without a diffuser on gas.