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Jul 21, 2002 03:03 AM

Any great cheap restaurants in Downey-especially Asian places?

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I'm used to all these great cheap Japanese, Chinese and Hawaiian places in the South Bay area and I find myself driving out from Downey to frequent those places!! Are there any great cheap Asian (Japanese, Hawaiian, Chinese) places that anyone can recommend in Downey, Lakewood or Cerritos? I'd also be open to other great cheap restaurants of other types besides Mexican in the area. Thanks! ;-)

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  1. Great restaurants in Downey? That's an oxymoron. Sorry, I grew up in Downey & have this love/hate thing...

    There is a relatively cheap sushi restaurant called Ichiban on 2nd & La Reina, across the street from Krikorian. Also, if you haven't been to Sambi's on Firestone already, go with some friends from high school... or whoever can appreciate cheesy 80's decor. It's straight out of a bad kung fu movie. They serve mediocre but serviceable sushi among other things. Don't expect too much in terms of food but go for the experience.

    There's a Chinese place on Downey at 2nd Ave that serves Chinese/Korean Chinese fare. If you have a craving for Chinese and don't want to drive far, this is about the only place in Downey.

    Sizzling Thai in a strip mall at Stewart & Gray Rd. & Downey Ave. has some decent Thai food. Cheap! Elmer Fudd, I mean Dills, likes it.

    Also, remember, Little Tokyo, Koreatown & Chinatown are only about 20 minutes away! Keep eating good chow!

    1. having also grown up in Downey...I agree that great even good restaurants are hard to come by. There are a handful of restaurants that we rotate around when we go back to visit my parents:

      Renu Nakorn (norwalk) - great issan style thai food

      curry house (cypress) - japanese curry

      la chef (downey-imperial highway) - mod priced continental - good if your looking for a nicer rest

      pepes (downey) - great mexican - outdoors though

      el ceviche del rey (downey) - havent been yet but mentioned in the la times

      Arthurs (downey) - great biscuits and oj

      and theres always in and out.

      1. Best bet would be the lunch specials at the Sam Woo BBQ on the SE corner of Pioneer and South in Cerritos. Four of us stuffed ourselves--total bill was $21.

        1. Don't know about Downey, but I often find myself in Cerritos on the weekends. As previously mentioned, Sam Woo is good. There's also a place called Yummy Boba on the corner of South St. and Norwalk Blvd. The food is tasty and cheap, especially if you get the lunch special, which is also served on the weekends, plus they have buy-one-get-one-free boba drinks. It's always crowded during lunch, so I usually try to get there before 12 or after 1.

          1. I would agree with dagerman that Renu Nakorn in Norwalk on Rosecrans is great. It is reputed to be the best Thai restaurant outside of Thailand and I would tend to agree with that statement. After the first time I visited Thailand, I nearly gave up eating Thai food in the States since I couldn't find an authentic Thai restaurant...this one is as far as Isaan cooking is concerned. By the way, I live in the South Bay so I would be interested in hearing from you about all the cheap Asian restaurants. Thanks.

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              Hi Michele-

              Thanks for responding! My favorite cheap asian places in the South bay area..

              Torrance-TNT's Aloha Cafe-this one has fab Hawaiian food-on Anza and PCH it's a little hidden-it's across Anza from Michael's and Bally's in a office building plaza that has a Mongolian BBQ in it as well. This place tends to get very crowded after 10 on Saturdays and Sundays so try to go before then or after 2. They also get very crowded after 6 on weekdays.

              Toyo Express in the Rolling Hills Plaza near a vitamin store and Herman's Party supplies. The woman who owns this place is WONDERFUL and her food is great!! It's Korean and some Japanese.

              Redondo Beach-Rice Thing (s) on Artesia in a little plaza across from Goodwill. It's a tiny little restaurant and easy to miss, but great Japanese food for really cheap-and they've decorated it to look very nice in the eating area!!

              Enjoy =)

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                David Wilczynski

                Takefuku is our favorite noodle shop. We've been going here for years. SouthEast corner strip mall at Hawthorne and Torrance Blvd.

                Siam Cha Cha in Hermosa Beach just south of Aviation and Pacific Coast Highway. This fairly new Thai restaurant put all the others in the South Bay to shame. Besides it's beautiful inside.