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Apr 16, 2008 05:36 AM

Lower Westchester Farmer's Markets

The season is nigh, and I have to say that we have always been disappointed with the farmer's market in Bronxville where we live. It's OK for the basics, but there never seems to be anything special about what we've seen there. I think that Tuckahoe has one as well, but I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with it or other southern Westchester farmer's markets. We used to start going out to the North Fork of LI every year at this time, and by early May we would get the most amazing lettuces, arugula and peas. (sigh) Everything was so fresh and delicious and it would inspire us to cook and consume more healthy alternatives. Where's the great farmer's market that doesn't (ironically) force a trip into Manhattan to visit the one in Union Square? Aren't we closer to much of the areas where everything is grown?

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  1. There's a pretty good farmer's market being held in WP at the County Center this Sunday from 10-4 or so, it's a compilation of many of the outside farmer's markets from around the Hudson Valley. One of my favorite vendors (John Boy's Farm) will be there and I've recognized vendors from the Rhinebeck Market (which is also very good). If you go, here's a hint for parking, to save money (they charge $4), park in the municipal lot across the street from City Limits Diner (southside of Central Ave), just need to put quarters in the meter.

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      Is this every Sunday, or just this week?

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        roxlet, there are two more left in the winter/spring series...April 20th and May 18th...and it is a good farmer's market offering more variety, often with a guest chef, tastings galore and even background music...take owlwoman's advice as far as parking...I do like the Bronxville market for what it is though...

    2. The Farmers' Market in Hastings -- something special. not part of an association, and a wide variety of booths. Starts mid June on Saturdays in back of the library. The'r offseason market (1st Sat of the month in the new community center on Main Street) is a smaller version, also quite good.