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Source for unroasted/green coffee beans downtown?

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I just read an interesting article about using a popcorn popper to roast your own coffee beans and was wondering if any of you know where I can buy green coffee beans in the downtown core.

Apparently green coffee beans are cheaper and can be stored for up to two years if done so properly. And there's the added bonus of the smell of freshly roasted coffee wafting through the house!


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    1. Green Beanery 225 Brunswick, also new cafe at Bathurst and Bloor http://www.greenbeanery.ca/bean/

      1. Wow, that was fast! Thank you both. I see a little outing to the Annex in my near future. :)

        1. And Birds and Beans:


          We are very fortunate to have so many choices for green beans in the GTA. Good luck with your first roasting attempt. Be sure to roast outside - it generates a lot of smoke...

          1. Wall street cafe on Carlton/Yonge (across from Days Inn and Maple Leaf Gardens) has green coffee beans and they also only support fair trade :)
            Also, i think there's currently a promotion for Buy 1 Get 1 free for bags of coffee beans!

            1. Besides the places everyone else has suggested - if you're in Parkdale, the Hasty Market at King & Dufferin carries green Ethiopian beans.

              If you're serious about home roasting - a popcorn popper won't really do the trick. They generally make for an uneven roast. And as for that smell, roast your beans near an exhaust fan - some of them smoke - a lot - and the fresh roasted smell is only good if it doesn't set off the smoke alarm.

              1. Popcorn poppers do not get hot enough to roast coffee properly. I bought my sister one of the roasters from Merchants of Green Coffee for Christmas, and it works great.

                I do mine in my regular oven in a Pyrex baking dish. Works good, but you have to watch constantly...the difference between a great roast and a burnt mess can be a matter of a few seconds.

                I usually buy from Merchants or the coffee place in the basement of the St Lawrence Market.