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Apr 16, 2008 05:29 AM

Dallas restaurant rec needed

I will be in town Sunday and Monday night and am looking for some good food near the convention center. Can definitely take a taxi cab. Looking for Southwestern food - I'm a Colorado native transplanted to Georgia, so am looking for a good fix! Want a place where I will feel comfortable going by myself (not too stuffy). Thanks!

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  1. Stephan Pyles and Fearings are 5 miutes or less by cab. Fearings has received some bad reviews lately but remains a favorite of many on this board. Both will cost $50+ per person.

    1. if you want some great inexpensive sort of southwest -tex mex try Chuy's at Knox -Henderson. It's a fun place an you would feel very comfortable going alone. I take a lot of out of towners there and they love it.

      1. A short cab ride to "the nice part" of Oak Cliff will get you to Hattie's. They have great southern favorites like catfish and Chicken Fried Steak. The atmosphere is southern swank but not stuffy! You can wear jeans with a nice top and fit right in.

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          Hattie's rocks as does El Ranchito. I would acutally take El Ranchito over Hattie's, but that's because I like stuff like goat.


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            The owners of Hattie's lived in Atlanta for years. Both Tony and Hal are very personable.

          2. I second the Chuy's recommendation. Good all around. Eat at the bar (don't have to drink ) and enjoy their tortillas, made in house fresh daily.

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              I'll third the Chuy's rec. They have things that have a more New Mexico bent which might appeal to a Coloradan.

            2. Thanks to all for the great recs! Ended up going to Chuy's the first night - yum! Just what I was looking for! Loved the shrine to Elvis especially! Second night someone at my conference told me about the new up and coming area, Victory,so I took a cab to the "W" Hotel to have a drink and then saw Craft. We are getting one here in Atlanta in the next few months, so thought I would try it out. The service was amazing, but think that Tom Colicchio needs to spend a little more time here in the kitchen instead of running around with Padma on Top Chef. Food was disappointing and for what you pay, would have expected it to be better. Sort of fun eating at a place where they still believe in bringing you an amuse as well as a little dessert treat at the end of the meal (and a very small bag of homemade granola for the am, which was sort of strange, but since it's inside a hotel, I get it).

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                Glad you had fun! Craft had really good mac n' cheese and beef short rib when I went about a year and a half ago. Nothing to write home about though. I guess that is why I haven't been back! :) Thought the bar there was pretty fun but saw lots of guys in shiny tight shirts. Sort of reminded me of Night at the Roxbury.

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                  That is sooo funny you say that because as I was leaving the hotel, there were 3 guys in their shiny tight shirts holding their little Chihuahas, Paris Hilton-like! :)

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                    Hilarious! Baby don't hurt me, no more! (Sing while bobbing head)