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Apr 16, 2008 05:09 AM

Sao Paulo, Brazil Suggestions Please

We're in Sao Paulo and are looking for modern Brazilian cuisine (deconstructed, moclecular, that kind of thing) that is really good. (Oh yes, and at a reasonable price!) Any suggestions? Also, does anyone know a good online restaurant guide for Sao Paulo? Thanks.

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  1. Veja magazine has a great guide if you can read Portuguese.

    These restaurants are going to be expensive especially with the defeated dollar value, around $R1,68 to the USD$1 as of a few days ago.Most of these restaurants are located in and around the Jardins neighborhood.Give the traditional places a try as well if you're not already planning.D.O.M is the contemporary Brazilian restaurant of the moment.

    1. Brasil a Gosto is the best Brazilian cuisine in Sao Paulo in my opinion. They do traditional Brazilian dishes nouvelle cuisine style. It´s amazing.

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        I was just there at Brasil a Gosto three weeks ago and it was amazing.The prices are also very reasonable considering the level of cuisine.The chef is charming and the spot is sleek, quietly tucked away in a residential part of Jardins.It was one of my favorite dining experiences in Sao Paulo in eight visits to the city.My batida with carambola(starfruit) was divine.As Toot stated it is traditional food executed by a creative and substantial chef.

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          I have never been but I have heard many positive things about D.O.M. in Jardins. I think it is exactly the type of cuisine that you are looking for and is rated amongst the best in Brasil and the world.

      2. Thank you all for your excellent suggestions. Veja's online restaurant guide (mentioned by streetgourmetia) was extremely helpful. We were blown away by Basil a Gosto. It is the best restaurant we've experienced in a very, very long time. And D.O.M. was a total and complete disappointment. We recommend that you go to St. Tropez de Todos os Santos, R. Haddock Lobo 1159, Jardim Paulista, tel 3083-1134. We were impressed with this new restaurant (open only 47 days when we were there).
        Please have a look at our latest posting: Sao Paulo, Brazil Restaurant Reviews by ALEDM at