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What is your favorite holiday side dish?

I think we all look forward to holiday meals for a certain dish. In my family it would be candied yams. It is the only time I make them and I don't know why. We all love them. What is your favorite?

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  1. This is going to sound silly, but my s-i-l always made (and still makes) ambrosia for her kids at Thanksgiving, and it's one of my favorites. Oh, and my b-i-l's Christopher Wren Gems.

    1. It's not a side dish, but I make rum balls once a year and really like them. I also like the cranberry sauces and relishes that they serve for T-day. But I have to say that my favorite is my parent's osechi (Japanese new year specialty foods). I was very very sad to miss it this year.

      1. My mom's horrible for you vegetable casserole:
        1 stick of butter, 1 c of mayo, 2 c of sharp cheddar, celery, onions, frozen mixed veggies, and crushed Cheezits on top.

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          Wow, AlyKen, if I can eat it in private and spit out the veggies, that sounds delish!

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            Dolores, my cousin who doesn't like vegetables eats it. The goopy stuff to vegetable ratio is rather high.

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              LOLOL! It does sound yummy... except for those pesky veggies!

          2. Stuffing, especially the one we eat with italian sausage and parmesan. It's a once-a-year treat in my rice-eating family. If we're going to extend this beyond just sides, though, I really do look forward to the chicken relleno we eat on Christmas: a whole, boneless chicken stuffed with pork, chorizos and other savories. Asia's response to the turducken, if you will.

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              I can't help it but I love broccoli casserole even though it is made with Cambell's Cream of something or other, vile glop on it's own...

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                Stuffing would be my choice as well. Sausage, onions, apples, celery, some spices, and I tend to vary the bread each time - I've used French or Italian loaves, various whole wheat breads (7-grain, 12-grain, flax, oat, etc.), and even cornbread.

                What I especially like is taking it out the fridge a day or two later, and making a sandwich with it (with cranberry jelly, naturally!).

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                  With you on the sandwich thing. I also throw in a dollop of mash potato into the sandwich and some gravy along with the stuffing and jelly. That may be my favorite sandwich ever...

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                    That's sound so good, but it would send my carb count through the roof! Maybe if I get down to 175 lbs...

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                    Oh yes, stuffing and cranberry sandwiches! Just as good as the original meal. It fills a void like nothing else does!

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                    I also adore the Thanksgiving stuffing!! Mine is typical- bread cubes, celery and onion, apple and sausage, with poultry seasoning... and soaked with the glorious turkey flavor from being cooked inside the bird! Topped with rich turkey gravy!

                    1. It is weird but I love the Green bean salad with red onions and tomatoes, parsley, and vinagrette. It is a great flavor combination with all the heavy stuff.

                      I also love all the lithuanian foods my family makes - potato pudding, lithuanian style sausage, etc. I am getting nostalgic for holiday eats already! I didn't have them this year as I am abroad this year!

                      1. I made a sweet potato souffle last year that I think will be a holiday side dish from now on. It's a savory souffle, and even my husband, who doesn't like most sweet potato dishes, really liked it. It's a bit too much work to make for an everyday dish, but just right for special occasions.

                        I also really like to have homemade bread on hand for the holidays.

                        1. Corn bread, the version with a can of creamed corn in the recipe.
                          Served just warm with a grate of nutmeg-oh my!

                          1. That would have to be stuffing from a roasted turkey or chicken. With lots of good gravy. Ummmmmmmm.