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Apr 16, 2008 01:35 AM

Who stocks a stock cube?

Having mentioned a Knorr product in a recent post, I now realise that I cannot find it on any shelf and their website does not help much. What I am after is a box of cubes called "Perfect Rice" and the paella variety in particular. (I know, I know it's cheating, but they're really quite good, and saffron's 6 grand a kilo.) Can anyone suggest a source please?

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  1. I wait with bated breath.......

    On the recc, I looked for it in Sainsburys without joy (so to speak).


    1. Maybe one of the Spanish delis on Ladbroke Grove - Garcia & Sons maybe? I tend to find myself buying armfulls of Knorr stock cubes whenever I'm in France- the cream & fines herbes ones and porcini ones in particular are great!

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        aren't Knorr products loaded with MSG ? (which i like by the way).

        although saffron is pricey local asian shops often stock iranian saffron which is pretty good i.m.o.

        as an aside my current favourite is the ambient organic chicken bouillon in squeezy heinz ketchup style plastic bottles. reduced form £1.98 to 99p in ASDA and shelf life in excess of 12 months.