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Friend from Korea needs "American" lunch 4/19/08

Around noonish, Somewhere between LAX and Koreatown, wants American style, NOT Korean. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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  1. First thing to mind: Pann's!

    Excellent diner food - eclectic patrons - great building - fried chicken and waffles - incredible chicken fried steak. Truly an "American" restaurant.


    Pann's Restaurant & Coffee Shop
    6710 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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    1. Second Pann's. In the same vein, Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch is close to LAX too.

      If you wanted to come into Venice and go a little nicer, 26 Beach.

      If you head east toward mid-City, Luna Park, Cube on La Brea, or Lou on Vine.

      If money is free flowing, the Ivy for the grilled veggie salad and tarte tatin.

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        i second the 26 beach recommendation.

      2. They might enjoy Kate Mantilini's on Wilshire @ Doheny in Beverly Hills. Very American and a nice setting.

        9101 Wilshire Blvd
        Beverly Hills, CA 90210
        Phone: (310) 278-3699

        1. Is Pacific Dining Car Near there?

          Also, a fun lunch at Clifton's would be an eye opener.

          Phillipe's is a little far off, but sorta nearby.

          Maybe the Original Pantry?

          What freeway are you travelening on between LAX and Koreatown? If you're going on the 405, that opens a few things

          1. hi bagdoodle! have i got some recs for you! i remember my sister visited seoul a couple months ago mentioned American-style spots are the rage over there (waffles, pancakes, breakfasts, ice cream sundaes, etc) so here are some "American-style" recs that i think will work well for your friend:

            MID/BEVERLY HILLS/3rd Street/Hollywood
            1. The Farm - Beverly Hills or The Grove - this is my first choice!
            2. Joans on Third - very American, casual but chic 8350 W Third St Los Angeles, CA 90048 Phone: (323) 655-2285
            3. Doughboys - casual with big portions. 1156 N. Highland Hollywood
            4. Kate Mantinelli & Ivy were also mentioned below - good recs for out-of-towners that aren't familiar with LA

            1. Santa Monica - Rose Cafe - outdoor patio is lovely and they do brunch well - english muffin sandwiches with poached eggs & hollandaise sauce and a bellini??
            2. Joes Abbot Kinney @ Venice Beach
            3. Clementines - across the street from the Century City Mall
            4. Houstons @ Century City or Santa Monica - a chain but their lunches are always decent


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              These are all great suggestions, but none of them are really between LAX and Koreatown as the OP requested.

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                Korea's got a lot of fast food spots (corporate & independent shops) & I'm familiar with the what they offer... the things they can't do are salads, sandwiches, gourmet burgers, breakfast foods, and american desserts thus my rec for THE FARM. you can still get the burger with the shoe string fries, in addition to great huge salads - how more American can you get?

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                  oooh, good suggestion! A burger, combo of onion rings and sweet potato fries and a shake!

                2. I say head for Porky's. You can get great fried chicken and BBQ pork.
                  You could follow up at Cassell's for a burger [now donning flame proof suit :-)].

                  Porky's BBQ
                  801 E Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90301

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                      Not really all that great anymore. Not since the kiddies took control.

                    2. does apple pan fit the bill? burgers + fries = american, no?

                      1. Does your friend want real "American" food or just something "non-Korean"? My Asian relatives usually refer to anything "non-Asian" American. Take him/her to The Grove and Farmer Market. He/she will have a good time perusing and choosing what to eat. My visitors usually enjoy doing that.

                        1. Thanks, everyone. Although all the suggestions were great (and I intend to eventually try all of them) we wound up going to Porky's BBQ, just because he had never had American -style barbecue -- only Korean. Anyway, we both loved the place, the food, and the extremely helpful and friendly staff.