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Apr 15, 2008 10:43 PM

[SEA] Late Night Dinner

Friends arrive Friday night at Sea-Tac at 10:30pm and I'm looking for someplace nice to take them to a late night dinner since they're only in town for 3 days. Is 13 Coins worth it? Where else serves a good dinner after midnight?

I'm at a total loss for ideas. They're staying downtown.

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  1. I would take them to Palace Kitchen which serves till 1 am, I think. Great breakfast special available after 10 pm and the burger is another great choice at the reasonably priced end. I like a few of the dishes at 13 Coins (the frittatas and the chicken parmesean) but prefer to sit at the counter. I think you're much better off downtown.

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      Absolutely the Palace Kitchen. That's where we went when our flight got in at 10:30 pm a couple weeks ago - we got roasted clams at 12:30 in the morning! It's right in downtown, too, and they serve their full menu until 1.

    2. Alot of places in China town stay open late if you want to go that route.
      That's what I would do, but I could understand you wanting to do something different.

      1. I've only eaten at 13 Coins once, admittedly, but it made no blip on my radar. I wouldn't bother. Palace Kitchen is OK. I'm not a huge fan but it's more than edible and open late. I like Pomodoro on Eastlake for late night dining. I think it has a little more personality than the Tom Douglas stuff and I feel like the Palace can be a little meat-market-y so if you're willing to go a little ways out of downtown...

        Another option would be the bar at the Sorrento. I hesitate on this for two reasons. One is that it is a bar menu. But last time I went they had great grilled scallops on a bed of beets and greens. They do a burger with fries, a cheese plate, couple other options. Coming in late and then needing to sleep, maybe a full meal isn't what you and your folks will want anyway. The second hesitation is that sometimes the service is way slow. Sometimes not and if they are and you pester them, they're very pleasant. It's not rude, just slow. The upside is that the main lobby room is beautiful and civilized and the bar off the main room is dark and cozy. I've had many late night meals there and it holds a special place in my heart. I couldn't see on their web site how late they serve but give them a call if you're interested. 206.343.6156

        Good luck!

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        1. re: laurahutch

          Pomodoro on Eastlake isn't the tapas place, is it? If not, there's a restaurant near there that serves Tapas until late (1am). I'll try to catch the name today and reply back. It's quite good.

          1. re: laurahutch

            I'm not sure about a Friday, but the last experience we had after 9pm at the Sorrento (it was a Wednesday, IIRC) was awful. It was really quiet in there, which usually is no big deal on a weeknight -- I mean, they're a hotel bar, for pete's sake -- but the staff ignored us completely. Clearly, they were looking to close, and they literally wouldn't LOOK at us much less offer to take an order. We got the hint when they actually shut the door to the inner bar in my friend's face. And the whole time, no one said a word to us.

            Palace Kitchen would be worth it just for the butterscotch pudding... ;-)

          2. Blu Water Bistro in Belltown serves dinner until 1a. Le Pichet on 1st Ave is open until 2a and they serve an abbreviated menu from 10p to 1:30a (Cafe Presse, sister restaurant on Capitol Hill, as well). Also on Capitol Hill, Quinn's serves until 1a.

            1. All this chatter and still no satisfaction - the answer you seek Is NO.
              Wonderful alternatives are here, though.