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Small wedding venue in toronto

I am looking for a small (25-30) wedding venue in Toronto. The wedding will take place on June 2008. We thought about Caffino, but we got some bad references. We want to spend at most 3,500. We will like the place to allow us to play some music.
I appreciate any help.

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  1. Have you thought about going to a hotel? They have smaller rooms and the room rental usually runs less than $1,000.

    1. what about the Red Room at Biff's Bistro on Front St.? It's a private room that seats up to 36 people and I think it's within your budget.


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        Auberge du Pommier (also Oliver and Bonacini) also has a nice room, but may be a tad pricy. Quince (at Yonge and Eg) has a private space downstairs and has a very reasonably priced (and tasty) menu (the only downside, IMO, is that it's not on the main level):


      2. I'm not a huge fan of the distillery district but I held an event at the Gibson Jessop gallery and it was beautiful, I hightly recommend it http://www.gibsonejessop.com/
        Mind you with this venue you would have to bring in a caterer etc...

        1. Thanks a lot for your answers. I will look up this places.

          1. Baelsette.

            I am considering a wedding reception at the Gibson Jessope. Can you tell me which caterer they used and whether the events coordinator at the gallery was helpful? Thanks!

            1. 2 of my clients just recently had their reception at the Drake and both had rave reviews. Not sure of the costs though.

              1. Hi Phoenix,
                They don't have a specific caterer that they use, at the time at least you could use your caterer of choice.
                Let me know if you have any further questions. it really is a beautiful venue.

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                  Hi there.

                  My wife and I were married at Caffino 10 years ago (yikes).

                  we had a nice time, and are still married!

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                    Thanks for the response. We went to view the gallery today and it really is lovely. You can still use your own caterer, but I wondered who you used and how they warmed up the space. Also wondering whether the events coordinator at the gallery was helpful. Any specifics that you can give me about the event would be much appreciated (ie. food, service, etc.) Thanks

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                      A couple of other question...how may people at your event? Was it a cocktail party with some tables, full service dinner, a little of each? Just trying to get a sense of how many people (standing, sitting, dancing) can fit comfortably in the space, while still enjoying the food.

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                        Hi Phoenix, if I can jump in... I had my wedding reception at Gibsone Jessop. We had 75 guests for a cocktail/ dancing reception, and it was the perfect size for that (we had tables and chairs that could seat about half the guests at any given time). You can use any caterer you want, and we used the wonderful Laura Di Vilio http://diviliogoodfood.com/privatecat.... You are restricted re: rentals though -- you have to use Chair Man Mills. I can give you more details if you want!

                  2. Hi Phoenix,
                    I actually don't recommend the caterer that I used, I'll be kind and won't name names.
                    I am an event planner so I did most of the work myself, flowers, tables, candles. Mine was a corporate event so based on Klawless's comments, I'd touch base with them, they would have a better idea of what you are looking for.
                    I can say that I didn't need to do much to the space, it was pretty beautiful as it was, the space spoke for itself.
                    Good luck!

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                      Hi, i'm in the process of finding the place for a wedding for about 50 people with a dinner/ceremony/a bit of dancing (most guests will be 35-50 y.o. so I don't expect much dancing but want to have the space for it if someone wants to dance) and wanted to check out the idea of making it at one of the art galleries.
                      I checked out the Gibsone Jessope web site and really liked the space. My request to Gibsone by email was not answered yet so I was hoping that someone who held the event there might help with some details on the process...
                      I'm a bit concerned that it could be too much hassle vs. banquet hall or restaurant. How easy / time-consuming / stressfull the process was? How are the vendors' responsibilities shared in this case? If you rent the place who was taking care of offering the seating plan and setting up the tables when they come from the rentals? What does the caterers do - do they just provide the food or do they take care of the waitering? Have you coordinated the process yourself or did you have a professional help?
                      What do you think budget-wise - did this option allow you to save any money or was it about same price that you would get in other places for comparable dinner / space size? We are on a fairly tight budget (ideally I would like to limit expenses to $130 per person for a dinner/drinks/room rental including tax and gratuity) so I was wondering if I should check into this at all with such budget. Any thoughts?...
                      If you can think of some other places that would meet our requirements I would greatly appreciate any advice.