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Apr 15, 2008 10:21 PM

best italian or american for groups?

any recs for a good italian or american place that could accommodate a group of about 15?

<$15 per person would be great... thanks in advance!

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  1. Is there a particular location you're looking for (city neighborhood or suburban town)?

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    1. re: nsxtasy

      we will be starting from Hyde Park, but everyone will have access to a car so reasonable driving distance anywhere in the city, would be fine.

      1. re: veee

        The discussion on Hyde Park at mentions an Italian place in Bridgeport called Franco's Ristorante that might work for you. Its Metromix listing is at

        Another option is a deep-dish pizza place; both Giordano's and Edwardo's have locations in Hyde Park (and the Medici is still there, of course).

        1. re: nsxtasy

          i'll look into Franco's. thanks!

          what about other options outside of HP?

          1. re: veee

            At that price point (w/o drinks) two that come to mind on the southside are (street parking but tight):

            Bruna's Ristoranteā€Ž
            2424 S Oakley Ave
            (773) 254-5550

            and (valet parking):

            Tufano's Vernon Park Tap
            1073 W. Vernon Park Pl.

              1. re: veee

                Both Bruna's and Tufano's are in the City of Chicago, just not exactly downtown. Tufano's is in the Little Italy neighborhood near the Rush Medical Center/ UIC campus. Bruna's is in the "Heart of Italy" district. At $15/person, you are not going to find much downtown, except for perhaps pizza.

    2. You can eat for $15 a person in Greektown. Plus, most of the restaurants in Greektown have free valet parking. We often used to pile into cars and head to Greektown from HP when I was in law school.

      I know you said you wanted Italian or American, but I can't think of any Italian or American places that are better at accommodating a big group for that price.

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      1. re: SuzMiCo

        It is a chain, but you might want to try Buca di beppo (Rush and Grand). I've never eaten there, so maybe other Chowhounds can offer their opinions on the food. I have, however, heard that it is great at accommodating groups since they offer family style dining. From the menu, it looks like the Large size entrees serve 4 people and range between $20-30, so it meets your price range.

        1. re: SuzMiCo

          I agree on Greektown but did not suggest it because the request focused on Italian or American food. Can also eat for $15/pp in Chinatown, which is where I typically headed when in HP as a student.