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Apr 15, 2008 09:36 PM

Can't find Tam Tam Crackers for Passover

Has anyone seen this Kosher for Passover crackers this year in the Los Angeles area? I buy them every year, have never had a problem finding them, this year, I can't find one market in LA that has them. Have checked Gelson's, Ralphs, Vons, Albertsons, no one has them.

Did Manischewitz manufacture them this year?

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  1. Nope they weren't made this year. Somebody will probably post a link to an article about it for you, I don't know where one is.

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      Read it and weep, this together with the stick margarine disaster shows how fragile the kosher food market is.

      1. I actually saw several flavors of whole wheat Tam Tams in my Manhattan supermarket yesterday, and was very surprised after all the news reports. Of course, they could easily be last year's, and nobody would notice :)

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          I too saw one of the whole whole wheat varient, some kind of vegetable herb one, but just like the tub margarine vs the stick margarine issue, it is not "the" Tam Tam cracker that everyone is longing for.

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            Last year, I thought I was being slick in avoiding the chaotic KLP aisle in favor of the 'regular' kosher aisle. I picked up a box of tam tams and -whoops- labeled as 'not kosher for pesach'. I had to use my elbows to get the klp ones.

          2. That's because Manischewitz is having a Matzo shortage this year! They tried out some new equipment that took too long to set up (or they had problems with it) and they were behind on their production schedule so they had to sacrifice some products this year! Tear.