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Apr 15, 2008 09:31 PM

Giant New York Pizza - Vallejo, CA

Wow! Where to start with the disappointment after taking the reviews of the folks here. First, I have to say that I used to work at a pizza joint - Straw Hat back in the day and have made too many pizzas to count some bad, some good and a few excellent ones and still have the burn marks from the ovens on my forearms to remind me Second, I'm not a pizza snob b/c there are plenty of "hole in the wall" joynts I frequent - I look for tasty food and this place ain't serving it up.
I give them 2 stars for having a menu broad enough to include serving (flavorless) pesto and for passing the gastronomic test of my twin 7yo nephews and my 8yo daughter. However, my 14yo was pissed I went there instead of Napoli's and my wife was pissed I went here b/c I was "being too lazy to go a little further (to Mountain Mike's) for good pizza."
Crust: thick and doughy (too much extra flour left on too)
Sauce: flavorless (both the pesto and tomato sauces)
Toppings: good amount of pepperoni, the tidbits of tomato placed on the pesto pizza was pathetic. Cheese! Was minimal in places and thick in other places - inconsistent cheese distribution.
In Vallejo stick with Mtn. Mike's, Napoli's off Columbus Pkwy (which is technically Benicia) or a national chain. I haven't tried Pizza Pirate. Nujo's was ok [2.75 star - haven't been back], and forget Pizza Guys. Put it this way GNY Pizza and Pizza Guys - I'd rather eat a frozen Gino's Pizza, or take-n-bake from Safeway, CostCo or that place that only sells take-n-bake pizzas. I hope GNY Pizza improves.

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  1. Thanks for taking the bullet and reporting back.

    HOWEVER, give blame where blame is due. Other than your report, I don't see one other mention of Giant New York Pizza on the board.

    It sounds from your reports you are situated more in the Benicia part of that neck of the woods. Have you tried the Napoli next to Gumbah's on Tenessee? how does it compare with the Columbus location? I like the pizza and atmosphere at the Tenessee location a lot.

    How about Gumbah's? I haven't tried it in Vallejo yet, but I thought Front Room in SF was a decent enough pizza. They have a Chinese bbq chicken pizza I mean to try. Sounds awful but for a while on the board there was a really big fan of it.

    The only good thing I can say about Nujo's is that it delivers. Don't go back and skip ... skip ...anything bbq on their menu.

    I'm not reading anything that makes me want to try this chain, but have you tried Pacifica Pizza?

    Good to have someone report from this area lately. There was a regular Vallejo poster who hasn't been on the board for a while. I was feeling a little lonely in that area.

    Giant New York Pizza
    2564 Springs Rd, Vallejo, CA 94591

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      The Napoli's in Vallejo, next to Gumbah's, is much superior to the Benicia (Rose/Columbus) location. They have a bigger menu, the space is cleaner and nicer, and the pizza is a whole lot better. It's the best pizza I've found in the whole Benica/Vallejo area (although I haven't done extensive research)
      I never tried Gumbah's pizza (the sandwiches are just too good), and I'm not sure they're still offering it under the new owner

      1. re: rworange

        I think you're referring to me

        Life's just kinda' bit me in the proverbial you know what lately. I've been trying to follow along on the board here best I can, but its been in bits & spurts (I read Melanie's post re: La Michoacana and I was kinda' sad to hear the news of the pizza at Parry's on another thread taking a downhill turn. The stromboli & pasta stuff seem about the same; but I haven't had the pizza there in awhile)

        BTW, I did try the place the OP mentioned above; I wasn't too impressed. There was a marginally better version at some strip mall in Pleasant Hill I had tried a few months back, but that's not saying much.

        I know there's an Asian buffet place opening near me in the old Rancho Square area - but it's a buffet, so I guess you have to temper your expectations. And I'd like to check out Mi Zacatecas in AmCan - I've heard some positive things about that place.

        Gumbah's - yummm. I need to drop by soon in the near future

        1. re: josquared

          Hey, good to see you. Yes, I was referring to you. Glad my whining about being "Lonely in Vallejo" got a few people to post ... pity posts.

          I don't have too much to say though about Vallejo as I haven't been up that way ... it does reminds me there's a new fusion Filipino place in Pinole I've been meaning to try where Eva's was located.

          Vallejo-wise I'm keeping eye on the new Grocery Outlet location waiting for that to open.

          1. re: rworange

            Yes...that should be good when it does. I know the Tacos Mexico truck has made its home there for now - that's not too bad a truck to try out if you've got a hankering for that.

            Actually, a trip up to Fairfield not too long ago made me think of you - I saw that a second location of Starbread had opened up there in a strip mall on Travis Blvd, I believe in the same mall that Longs Drugs is located.

      2. I liked the pizza here when it first opened. However, suddenly the place switched from decent crust to cardboard crust (reminded me of Pizza Guys), and I haven't been back. Of all the places around Benicia, I prefer Round Table, with Pacifica (on First Street - there's one in Vallejo somewhere; it's right alongside I-80) second. (And what's wrong with Papa Murphy's Take & Bake - well, other than the fact that their Canadian Bacon is apparently made of rubber?) Then again, neither holds up to Papa John's in my opinion (well, maybe Blondie's in Berkeley/SF/Concord), so take that into account when you consider my opinion.

        I wasn't particularly impressed with Mountain Mike's in Vallejo; maybe I'll have better luck with the new one they're building one in that new shopping area across the street from Napoli in Benicia.

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        1. re: That Don Guy

          GNY Pizza - haven't tried it yet, just wanted to ID myself as another Vallejo guy who might be able to help.

          returing to pizza...of them all (& I haven't tried them all in town yet), I like my Round Table (I've only ordered delivery & eat in at Spring St.), Mountain Mike's annnnd Sunset Pizza was a good surprise. Actually the latter was delivery only & I was quite sick of my other options one night & just "happened" to have one of their doorknob flyers. Seemed a small, but polite & efficient operation when I called, always a good thing. The pizza itself was also rather good, thin crust/fully cooked :), but not cracker-like. I would definitely order again. Lastly, I have to admit you can't go wrong with a take and bake from Costco or Papa Murphy's. be wary of the pasta from Pizza Hut...mine seemed to be left in the oven way too long (Spring St). I am putting Napoli's on my list.