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Apr 15, 2008 09:02 PM

Simple Syrup with Splenda

I was surfing for a recipe with Spenda, and Chow came up. Am from Dunn, NC and a bad diabetic. However, I just love Lemon Drop Shooters and the way they are made at the Barrington in Dunn, NC ... Dunn is a small town (9,000 population) and either would have to travel 45 miles away to acquire the ingredients suggested for the syrup or order on the internet. What options do I have in order to make the syrup with something other than granulated sugar?


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  1. Why not use honey, Sucanat mixed with water to make a syrup or a light grade of maple syrup and avoid the carcinogens?

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    1. re: jbyoga

      Don't have the stats in front of me but unfortunately honey and maple syrup are even worse for a diabetic than granulated sugar. Which really sucks because just before my diabetes was diagnosed we received 5 gals. of honey in a barter and we live in maple syrup country. Good thing honey doesn't spoil...

      1. re: jbyoga

        Fact police, jbyoga...

        Sucralose (Splenda) hasn't been linked to cancer by anybody other than medical crackpots.

        I presume you're conflating your artificial sweetners -- saccharine being the one that was thought to cause cancer in lab rats in massive doses (since debunked, I believe), and aspartame, about which there are conflicting studies, but no link established.

        Regarding the subject at hand, 1962, yeah, the biggest problem is going to be the consistency of simple syrup, but I have to believe the MG folks have some thickener you could use to simulate the consistency. Maybe you'll find something if you research in those spheres?

      2. Try making it with Splenda and see how it works. And then report back here if you feel like it.

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          I've tried making simple syrup with Splenda and it doesn't work. When drinks call for simple syrup, I just add the Splenda directly. I might not get the same mouthfeel, but still get the right sweetness.

        2. Now I am curious about this too - is Splenda sweeter than sugar? I know it weighs much less than sugar because of its different chemical structure... When I make simple syrup, I make it 1:1 sugar to water, but I measure by volume (cups) not weight (ounces or grams). Recipes seem to call for substituting Splenda for sugar in exact volume.

          Please try it and report back!

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            I think Splenda is a bit sweeter, and I've had the same experience as JungMann with trying to make a simple syrup w/ Splenda.

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              Splenda as an isolated compound is sweeter than sugar, but the marketed brand has filler added to bulk it up so that measure for measure, it is equivalent to sugar.

              1. re: JungMann

                You said it didn't work, but you didn't say why. Or did I miss it?

            2. I am wondering if you can use Stevia?

              I found a link to a unflavored splenda syrup on a diabetes website.

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              1. re: Kelli2006

                I think stevia will behave similarly to splenda -- won't create that viscoscity that sugar will.

              2. hmm. my first comment is that simple syrup is made with sugar, and substitutions generally fail miserably (sorry)

                2nd-- i worked as a bartender many years and never made or encountered lemon drops that were made with simple syrup-- what is distinctive about the Dunn NC recipe that calls for this? would it be possible to make a different type of lemon drop that would satisfy, yet have less sugar content? fwiw: lemon drops in my area are mostly liquor (citrus vodka with just a little sour mix), served with a sugar-rimmed glass & lemon slice. i think you could sub a diet or reduced sugar mixer, do the rim with splenda and pull off a decent cocktail with little added sugar. would this work do you think?

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                  Interesting about the lemon drop--the ones I've had on the west coast are much different that the one I've had on the east coast. The west coast ones are much sweeter, more like a margarita w/ lemon whereas the one (only one) I've had here is more like a slightly sweetened sour lemon martini. How about trying this recipe that uses sugar, not a syrup, and use splenda instead?


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                    You're the bartender, but I believe sour mix IS simple syrup (with lemon and/or lime -- or whatever artificial versions thereof).

                    1. re: Dmnkly

                      originally sour mix *was* 1/2 simple syrup 1/2 lemon lime-- so it would have had 1/2 the sugar of simple syrup by volume, in that case.

                      but the commercial versions of sour mix that are used in bars now have a different composition-- less syrupy, more like soda without carbonation. hfcs in most cases too, unfortunately. there are better and worse brands, like everything else. commercial sour mix would yield the "margarita w/ lemon" flavor chowser mentions. although i've had lemon drops with triple sec in them, i've never used it-- mine would closely resemble the "slightly sweetened sour lemon martini". i'm just not sure what the op's preference is.