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Apr 15, 2008 08:40 PM

New Orleans Trip Day 4

The wedding was Sunday afternoon at Louis the XVI (I think) and it was a buffet style lunch. It surprised me how good it was. Etouffee and gumbo and such. We decided to go to dinner that night and decided on Emeril's. My vote was heartily against it since it just seems like a place tourists would flock but then called some friends and checked this board and the reviews for the Flagship seemed positive. I started with the 17 dollar fois gras salad and it was terrible. Absolutely plain awful. The field greens were browned and turning and completely overdressed and had a couple of slices of absolutely lifeless liver on it. I understand it was Sunday but how do you have bad greens for a 17 dollar small salad? My entree was my own fault so I won't fault them: I ordered the rib eye steak. I just had so much seafood and was craving beef. It was fine. Cooked rare-plus to my liking but rather bland. I had thought it would have had some cajun seasoning and maybe some lump crab on it or something. Again, not what I would have ordered normally so I am not going to make a big deal about it or anything. Service was just iffy. I could have been at any of the Emeril outposts around the country. I certainly did not feel I was at the flagship.

Next afternoon was the flight out so had to make the obligatory stop at Café Du Monde. Good as always.

Thank you to everyone on this board who was so helpful in recommending places for us to try. This is a fantastic resource describing a fantastic city We can’t wait to come back! Thanks to all!

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  1. sabre - Your report on Emeril's is scaring me. I'm coming to town in a few weeks and booked Emeril's for dinner (in addition to Stella and August). I had enjoyed my dinner at NOLA more than a dozen years back and was looking for a "break" between the other two for my non-foodie DW. All that being said, the touristy/"Bam" thing as well as the mixed reviews (including yours) has me worried. Any suggestions for a more "accessible" restaurant? Please note that I have considered but have discounted the following: Cochon (it may be too casual and while I would enjoy it, I think the pig-centric menu would not be my spouses liking); Cuvee (too much when you consider the other two choices); and Brigtsen's (while universally loved, the menu doesn't appeal to me). Thanks for your help.

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      I didn't mean to scare you off! I had a GREAT meal at NOLA a few years ago contrary to a lot of the reviews. I know a great restaurant needs to fire on all cylinders all of the time, in a perfect world perhaps. We went in for an 8:30 reservation on a Sunday night so maybe I should give them a pass this time? I don't know, they still charged me the same as it would have been at 7:00 on Friday. It just wasn't memorable or a great dining experience. I will forget about it quickly and probably not go back. I definitely expected more on a service level too. Our waiter could barely recite the menu say nothing of recommending something. As for the salad there was also no excuse for browning wilted greens. Even at the most inexpensive chain.

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        Just in NO last weekend for French Quarter Fest. Enjoyed EAT. Pleasant restaurant in the Quarter. Only problem is that they don't have a liquor license (across from a Catholic Church/School). They encourage BYOB, which we found out when we got there. Pointed us to a store in the next block, so we ran up there, got a bottle of wine and they provided the everything else. Short-staffed, so service was slow, but they were pleasant and the food made up for it (nice pork tenderloin, both starters we had were good). Don't take reservations, but we got in pretty quickly.

      2. I'm sorry to hear that. I had a great meal there on a Sunday evening last month. In fact, food and service were outstanding as for as all 4 diners were concerned and we weren't expecting it to be quite that great. I've eaten there before and thought it was very good, but this was beyond that.

        Ate at Brigtsen's as well and it was darn good. The oyster artichoke gratin was outstanding. The seafood was great. I was concerned about the menu just a bit relative to one diner, but he left completely satisfied with his choice.

        1. jfood went to NOLA last August. Not impressed, here's his review:

          Goinf to Jazzfest next week and decided against all the Emeril's this trip, but Brigtsens was first and foremost.

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            Bgut1 says thank you to jfood for his NOLA review. :)