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Apr 15, 2008 08:39 PM

New Orleans Trip Day 3

Saturday afternoon was probably my favorite meal of the trip. My wife and I took the street car down to the Garden District and ended up walking up Magazine for a mile or two and stumbled upon Casamento's. I had heard of it only recently and didn't know much about it but we decided to go on in. What a place! It instantly reminded me of Swan Oyster Depot in San Francisco which is my favorite seafood place in the country. We waited in line about 30 mins. This was actually perfect though since the line was in the middle of the restaurant and we could see what people were ordering. Everyone seemed to get the Oyster Loaf so that is where we went. Along with 6 of the plumpest oysters I have had (not sure what kind they were since they were foreign to me) and the crab claws we had a great meal. I thought about getting some gumbo as well but resisted since we had a crawfish boil at City Park a few hours later (a catered rehearsal dinner for a friends wedding). Absolutely loved Casamento's and will be back. Crawfish were great that night! Damned near burned my lips off with all the spice but nothing a few Abita's couldn't cure. Another absinthe at the hotel and bed...

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  1. Next time try the oyster stew. Superb. And so retro it's hard to find these days.

    1. Congrats on discovering Casamento's! Dat ersta loaf is serious eatin', huh? My brother and I always split an oyster loaf and a dozen raw on the half shell, with a couple of ice-cold Abitas (or Barq's rootbeer in the long-neck bottle) on the side.

      Casamento's closes during the summer months.

      1. Casamentos used to be my favorite oyster loaf ( for about 20 years) until I went to Bozos. Went back to Casamentos recently for a comparison... IMO, not even close. Bozos : 21st St., Metairie.

        1. Well, it finally happened. I read about a restaurant and thought 'I must go there now'. Such was the case today with Casamento's. We got there early and there was only one table in use. This was new to me, I have always had to wait in line. I had the singular intention of an oyster loaf, but when we got there I see the sign, 'soft shell crabs now available' and once again I was swayed by something I read. We had two dozen raw oysters; cold and delicious but not very salty. I had the half ssc loaf, my wife had the half oyster loaf, and everything was delicious. I am glad we got in there again before they close for the summer. Thanks for the urge!