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Apr 15, 2008 08:26 PM

Ex-Veritas: Where is Scott Bryan cooking now?

Does anyone know where Scott Bryan is cooking these days? We didn't know he had left Veritas and so were really disappointed to go there and find the menu had changed. We ended up not eating there because friends of ours had gone and said the prices went up, the menu changed and was not as good... Anyway - Veritas was such a treasure with Bryan there - anyone know where he is now? Or does anyone want to weigh in on Veritas? Are any of the new dishes as good as the older ones? What would you recommend?

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  1. i had dinner 3 weeks after scott left veritas and from the amuse bouche to the end of my meal, i was completely disappointed.

    he went to guest cook somewhere near DC and then a few weeks ago it was announced that he would be the new chef at lever house. then, according to eater, he quit lever house. apparently he doesnt want to be a hired chef but wants to own his own place.

    so...he's not cooking in nyc at the moment. i miss his cooking.

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      Grubstreet said he is waiting to hear about a position that entails part ownership. Unfortunately, the joint is in D.C. :(