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Apr 15, 2008 07:58 PM

Brunches in LA... like Lower East Side/Village places in New York

Does anyone know places for brunches in LA that are similar to places in NYC?

For example... Essex on the Lower East Side in New York?
Great brunches, mimosas, trendy and not too expensive?

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  1. Try Dusty's in Silverlake --

    It has its detractors on the board but it grows on you (the molisana omelet is particularly good). It's a comfortable place (rare in SL) that has a bar and yes, mimosas. Trendy - double check.

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    1. re: Silverlaker

      This place looks really good. Anything else similar that you all know of? Or that is similar to this?

    2. Second the recommendation for Dusty's for brunch. In the same neighborhood, you could also try Edendale Grill (Sunday brunch only). In the past, this place has gotten mixed reviews, but I've always enjoyed their brunch.

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      1. re: DanaB

        The one time I tried sunday brunch at Edendale, the service was awful. There was 6 of us and nothing came out even close to the same time, drink orders were way too slow and my food arrived looking like it had fallen off the plate and was poorly thrown back together. The food it self was not particularly good either, not awful, but not what anyone here would calll good.

        1. re: rednyellow

          My brunch experience was a couple of months ago and I was surprised by how good the food was (given past experiences at dinner when I found the food less than stellar). Mine was a table of two and it wasn't crowded, so we had no services issues. We had the crab cake benedict and the goat cheese salad, and both were very tasty.

          The fact that Edendale has pretty much gotten mixed reviews since it opened is the reason I mentioned the mixed reviews in my original post. However, the original poster was looking at a place that had brunch like places on the lower east side, and I think Edendale fits *that* bill quite nicely (mimosas, nice brunch menu, trendy, not too expensive).

      2. Maybe Alcove in Los Feliz might fit the bill. They serve mimosas, great patio scene, and good fresh food. One of my favorite brunch destinations.

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        1. re: TailbackU

          This looks perfect. Other fav ones?

          1. re: doona

            3 Square also serves great breakfast but the scene/feel is much less Lower Eastside.

            Across from Alcove is also Mustard Seed Cafe. It's worth checking out also.

        2. Others that might work: 3 Square, Rustic Canyon, Hungry Cat...

          1. James Beach in Venice is one of my favorites for brunch. Their smoky nighttime party patio turns into a sunny happy place for brunch, and the food is really good (I think much better than their dinner menu). Their "Coast Toast" is amazing - their take on french toast, but soaked in grand marnier and cream overnight. Like custard in the middle, crispy on the outside....