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Apr 15, 2008 07:50 PM

Dinner Recommendations in Edmonton?

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good restaurants in Edmonton? I'm trying to branch out my choices from regular chain-type restaurants and was wondering what else was out there? Was looking preferably for a steak/bbq-type place if possible? Anything would be appreciated... somewhere that's family friendly for small children would be great. :)


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  1. Louisiana Purchase is kind of a neat Cajun place. Seems to have a lot of selection for main dishes (beef, pork, poultry, ...alligator) and is pretty big so I'm sure they could accommodate kids no problem although I'm not sure if they have a specific kids menu. I would call ahead on that issue. It's not really posh - I think most of the entree's are between $15-25. A little off the beaten track but it's pretty reliable fare.

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      My favorite steak places are Sage (expensive) and Von's (keg prices). If you want interesting....Smokey Joe's does all natural 100% smoked meats (ribs etc), best ribs in the city. Good fries and corn fritters, do not go if you are into fancy anything, the place is almost a dive, but amazing none the less, definitely family friendly, they have brown paper on the tables to draw on, and lots of pics on the wall etc.

      Dadeo's might be fun for kids it is a New Orlean's diner style place with po'boys and fried oysters (not that the kids would want that!)

      We have had the discussion b4 that there are not a lot of good options with kids. I don't have kids so I apologize if my req's are not appropriate.

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        I think Dadeos is a no-minors place :( So sad but well worth the wait until your 18!

        1. re: Garnetgirl

          Am I the only one here who thinks Dadeo is awful? Tried it 4or 5 times when I moved here (8 years go), and was very disappointed with everything, given the hype.

            1. re: Dan G

              My girlfriend seems to love Dadeo's.. I've never been though myself so might be worth trying sometime.

      2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.. trying to bounce it around and see whats up with everyone. Any other places would also be appreciated though no matter what type of food they are. :)

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          If you have a better idea of what you are specifically looking for, most of the Edmonton scene has been covered in previous posts. Just use the search function.

          If you want some reading to get you started, here are some decent threads.

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            Thanks. I went through them all before asking, was just wondering if there was something 'new' in the city for once since it seems like it hasn't changed in forever. :) I appreciate it though.

            1. re: Archonix

              Lol. Yeah, sadly, it definitely seems that way. Newest restaurants i know of are Wildflower Grill, Famoso Pizza, Skinny Legs and Cowgirls, Chop, and Bacon. And Bacon is almost 2 years old now!