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Taillevent prices and dress formality?

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Visiting Paris for the first time, I've read a lot of posts here and am really looking forward to the trip! I made reservations to Taillevent for dinner. The lunch looks great and for a reasonable price, but I'd much prefer going for dinner.

The online menu doesn't have prices. Can someone give me an idea of what the appetizers/main courses go for? If I order for the a la carte menu, for example, an appetizer and main course each for two, share a desert and have a couple glasses of wine, what kind of price range am I looking at? Also, what is the dress code? Will I feel out of place without a jacket?

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  1. They demand that you wear a jacket but they will give you one if you need. Re prices, see brian d's recent report. It is expensive -- count 50 eur per first course, 80 per main, 25 per dessert. 200 euros for an average meal with non exceptional wine (which is hard to do given their wine list).

    1. Lunch is a much better value, and the service is the same top notch...

      1. We have visited France several times and our dinner at Taillevent remains one of the highlights. By all means, break out the jacket and tie and enjoy a spectacular meal. The best bet is to go with the tasting menu (190 each) and have them pair 2 1/2 bottles of wine (our red was a premire cru Bordeaux that was heaven!. Hell yes it will be pricey ..about 550 euro, but in my opinion well worth it. If it helps, picnic a few meals to offset the total cost and skip a day of shopping. You will NOT be disappointed.

        1. If this is your first visit to Paris then I must congratulate you for choosing Taillevent.
          By all means, do wear a jacket and a tie. This is one smart and elegant place so I believe you will feel out of place should you not dress-up.
          I also recommend you try their "Menu Decouverte" at €190 per person.
          It is well worth it.
          They can match wines with each course or you can choose a bottle or two in which case the sky's the limit as far as prices are concerned... .
          If you choose to stay "reasonable" then the whole experience will probably set you back at more or less €300 p.p .
          Did you know they have two rooms: Le Trianon and the Main Room.
          They are both lovely.

          1. Why would you not want to wear a jacket and a tie? This is Paris, not Santa Monica. A dinner on this level involves dressing up and showing respect for it and those in the dining room around you. It's possible that they will still seat you without a jacket but I guarantee you that everyone in the dining room will know that you are an American. This is a consideration that Europeans do not have.

            Price? With the Euro @1.59.6 today and, with AMEX charges, @ $1.63 you are looking at US $250-300 per person + wine + small tip. Probably US $750-800+ for dinner for two. Perhaps remarkably, not an exaggeration.

            The same dinner six or seven years ago with the US dollar at .83 to the Euro was slightly more than half of this.

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              We were there last November and, sadly, saw a table of men not wearing jackets, let alone ties. Money can't buy you class, I guess.

              The four of us had the "menu decouverte" (190 euros), two bottles of wine and either 4 glasses or a bottle of champagne, can't remember. The euro was at about $1.46 then, and it worked out to $1800.

            2. I visited Taillevent for the first time last November. It was a splendid lunch, but I regret not having gone for dinner. Lunch was $370 for the lady and I, but the food and service was memorable. The sommelier, a gracious young man, served a modest Bordeaux that was a perfect complement to the food we chose.

              Taillevent is one of the most elegant cafes in the world. You will wish to look your best, you will be among well-dressed people. Taillevent policy is to treat guests like royalty. An evening there is a celebration of food, wine, and life. The staff will welcome your questions, and will be delighted to discuss food and wine with you, and to make recommendations. Trust them, their job is to create an evening you will never forget. You will not regret dining there.

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                hmmm, sounds like the old taillevent... or maybe we caught them on a bad night? ...

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                  Brian D,

                  Read your review about Taillevent and I generally agree with your comments regarding the food. However, my experience service-wise was exceptional. Perhaps due to the fact I visited prior to Mr. Vrinat's passing, but it's difficult to speculate on such things.

                  I too had a great experience with Marco, the head sommelier, who is in fact originally from Montreal, Canada. Professional, affable, and quite the character. He poured some exceptional wines for me-many comped. My companion and I were offered an amazing table, and on that particular day I did not notice any tourists. We were surrounded by the French, most of whom seemed like regulars of this fine establishment.

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                    Having just returned from 10+ days of business in Europe with the Euro over 1.60 (on my AMEX) I would suggest that there are few, if any, American tourists anywhere in Europe.

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                      Splendid Wine Snob: fantastic avatar!!!

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                        We were at Taillevent a few weeks ago for lunch. I was surprised to see two women in their 20's a few tables over wearing jeans. Everyone else was well dressed, men in jackets etc. The lunch crowd seemed to be mostly Parisian with a few tourists. The 70euro prix fixe was okay, not great. I ordered a la carte which was about 3x the cost (entrees and mains range from about 50 - 90E) and it was excellent. We had 2 glasses of wine each. The bill came to about US$450.

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                          To the best of my knowledge Marc Veyrat http://www.marcveyrat.fr/en/marc-veyr... (click on "cook" then "special offers") is the highest "standard" prix fixe restaurant in Europe @ E338. However he has a "special offer" of dinner for two with "regional wine" and a room for the night, all for only E 1445.

                          E 338 @1.60 (today's rate of exchange) is US $541.00 per person prix fixe + wine. E 1445 @1.60 is US $2,312.00. Both, of course, would be plus a small tip to suppliment service.

                          I saw a 46" Sony XBR on sale for less this morning. There is also an Indian manufacturer who is selling a car for less.

                2. Taillevent is the best dining experience my wife and I have ever had. We chose it because it was obvious from a review I read that they have impeccable service. Whatever it is you want to make your dining experience special, they will do for you if humanly possible. Incredible food and service--can't beat it.

                  1. we went for dinner last may and had:

                    crawfish bisque split
                    poulet de bresse for 2
                    one or two glasses of wine
                    chocolate souffle split

                    and the total bill was ~$370 usd.

                    it was wonderful.